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Thursday, October 17, 2013

SkinTruth Pedi Curé Pedi Foot Scrub-Review, Photos, Swatch

SkinTruth Pedi Curé Pedi Foot Scrub
Company/Brand Claim:  An extra special treatment to slough away rough, dry skin and reveal  the fresh beneath leaving invigorated, soft, smooth feeling feet.

Result: The Skin Truth Pedi Curé Pedi Foot Scrub is a pastel green with medium consistency formulation which isn't very thick nor is it runny. I don't like the packaging much as the stiff plastic jar doesn't seem very appealing. But it easy to carry during travel. It has a strong minty smell, which I don't find disturbing but not everyone will like it either. I apply it with mt fingers and gently massage the feet. It can also be applied with a foot brush and scrubbed a little with a scrubber on hard areas to remove dead skin. It leaves the feet feeling very fresh and clean. I also experienced a cool feeling after some time, which is common with minty products. And yes, it does remove dry skin without any irritation or pain.

Cons: None.

SkinTruth Pedi Curé Pedi Foot Scrub comes in a 250 ml jar, which is quite a lot at an affordable price. This is step 3 of the pedicure system products offered by the company.

Rating: 4.5/5

Take it:

You're looking for a mild but effective foot scrub
You want in your pedicure routine
You want to use it daily
You have dry and/or flaky feet skin
You want to get rid of dead skin
You're okay with the minty feeling
You don't mind the fragrance
You find it affordable

Leave it:

You find it hard to use
You don't like how it feels on the skin
You don't like the fragrance

Price: Rs. 750/- 
Available at: Available online at 

Conclusion: It's a great addition to my foot care regime. I use it daily as it not only exfoliates but keeps the feet refreshed for a long time. Recommended? Yes.

SkinTruth Pedi Curé Pedi Foot Scrub
SkinTruth Pedi Curé Pedi Foot Scrub
SkinTruth Pedi Curé Pedi Foot Scrub
SkinTruth Pedi Curé Pedi Foot Scrub

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