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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dine Away: TGI Fridays, My Favorite Restaurant

If there's one place in UAE I'm never tired of going to it is TGI Fridays (Thank God It's Friday). This place has become my favorite spot for casual dining and though I have more eastern taste buds I still love the American delicacies this restaurant has to offer. 

Here's what I have tried and usually have at Fridays.

Top: Chicken Parmesan
Bottom: Sizzling Chicken n Cheese

Chicken Parmesan is my husband's favorite. I don't really like it much because he has it with red sauce. I'm more of a white sauce lover. Sizzling chicken n cheese is what I usually have for dinner. It is absolutely delicious and enough for one person to munch onto.

Molten Chocolate Cake
I'm very selective when it comes to desserts and this is the only one I have at Fridays. Not only is it tempting to look at, but it is enough for 2 people to share and enjoy.

Southwest Tater Twister
For starters, Southwest Tater Twister is a treat. We also have the chicken wings at times but on a lighter note this serving of twisted potatoes topped with different cheese is great.

Frozen Margarita
Electric Lemonade
For drinks I order nothing other than the frozen margarita which is flavored lemonade with cotton crushed ice and my husband loves the blue electric lemonade. They also come in shaker versions. Of course, there are lots of others to try.

What more do I love about Fridays:

  • The ambiance is wonderful. The vintage decor, the seating arrangement and good music is quite refreshing. 
  • You can have the sides changed. For example I don't like mashed potatoes so I have them exchanged for fries. 
  • Some of the dishes also come in half portion
  • The soft drinks are bottomless, means refills are free.
and guess what, Fridays has opened up at Kehkashan, Karachi, Pakistan. Yay! So if you haven't been there yet, you can now pay em a visit.

I hope you liked my first foodie post. Do let me know in the comments. I'll sign off with some more random shots. Enjoy!

Kiran Imtiaz Author

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  1. The food looks great :) The dessert was droolworthy and I would love to try the electric blue margarita. Great first food post: you should definitely write more <3

    1. It is definitely a place to checkout. Thank you Hira :)

  2. Waooow ...A perfect place for a perfect evening... Food is looking really appetizing.... The drinks are not only inviting but also looking so pretty ..... Uff I am feeling thirsty after seeing them ...hehe ..well lovely post along with a superb photography.

  3. You seriously made me crave for molten chocolate cake. Love your post, keep such posts coming :)

    1. Thank you Zubaida :) Oh yes, the molten chocolate cake is delicious :D

  4. You are making me hungry... yummm
    i hope the tgif in Islamabad is as good as this!

    1. I didn't know it launched in Islamabad too. Thanks for sharing Huda :)

  5. I just love tgi friday's food its so yummy and delicious :)

  6. Friday's is an amazing restaurant. Their food is so out of this world and yes I tried it in Islamabad.

  7. I am not really a TGIF fan but I am glad you enjoyed your day.

  8. Yumm! The molten chocolate cake looks so amazing!

  9. TGI Fridays is one of my fav places to dine out too. The food is yumm. Great post Kiran :)

  10. It looks really good. I did hear about the opening a while back :)

  11. Yes..this is my story that Last week we (Father, mother, sister) went to dinner when we visited in Dubai at JBR. You know That was an amazing experience for us. They serve Asian , Japanese noodle bar style food and healthy fresh juices. They have family friendly environment for people who wanted to visit there. My mother liked chilli dishes in there. After marriage I want to go there with my husband. And it is my dream now.