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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kiran's Beauty Book: The Idea, Recent Additions and What's Coming Next.

I started out beauty blogging much later than I actually wanted to. I guess I just needed a push and once I started off there was no looking back. I've been writing since 2006 and started Kiran's Beauty Book in 2011, but I wasn't very active back then. Since 2012 I've taken keen interest in blogging as it isn't only a hobby now but also a way to share what I know, love and of course socialize with many wonderful people out there.

Since blogging is an independent platform, I never think twice before implementing any of the ideas I come up with. Recent additions include By the Brands (at a glance) and Sale Alert (have a look).

There's a lot more I have up my sleeves and there's a surprise coming your way very soon (before January 2014, IA). So stay tuned!

I hope my reviews and everything else has been of help to you in some way and that you keep coming back to KBB :). Do follow and leave your valuable comments.

Kiran Imtiaz Author

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