Thursday, December 12, 2013

Haul Finalé 2013-Fashion, Skincare and Makeup

2013 has been crazy and beautiful at the same time. Today I share with you my last haul for the year and it is grand Alhum dullilah. Reviews for most of mentioned stuff will come in 2014 Insh Allah, so for now Enjoy!

1) Dark Beige Pointed Toe Pumps Rs. 1595/-
2) Black Round Toe Pumps Rs. 1995/-
3) MK Pink Wallet Rs. 1450/-
4)Black Ruff;e Top Rs. 1850/-
5) Trousers 1085 to 1185/-
6) Adidas Women Deo Roll Ons (They are th cutest little bottles) Rs. 175/-
7) Evelyn Cellulite Peeling Shower Gel (the sales girl tried to convince me by insisting this stuff can actually burn fat. Well, giving it a shot) Rs. 355/-
8) Yong Chin Foot Softening Lotion Rs. 120/-
9) Freeman Bare Foot Scrub Rs. 345/-
10) Johnson's Relaxing Body Wash 225/-
11) Palmolive Damask Rose & Musk Shower Gel Rs. 190/-
12) Rivaj UK Body Wax Strips Rs. 290/-
13) Dimples Face Wax Strips Rs. 250/-
14) Dar Expo Barber's Scissor (so needed these) Rs. 275/-
15) Nail File Rs. 90/-
16) Garnier Cleansing Wipes Rs. 350/-
17) Bath Balls Rs. 75/- each
18) Safety Pins Rs. 5 to 25/-
19) Coarse Back Belt Rs. 110/-
20) Organic Home Blossom Hand Towel Rs. 650/-
21) DMGM Even Complexion Compact Powder Rs. 1275/-
22) DMGM Secret Wonder Foundation Rs. 1795/-
23) DMGM Photo Fix Eye Liner Rs. 795/-
24) DMGM Photo Fix Lip Colors Rs. 1050/-
24) DMGM Color Explosion Lip Liner Rs. 575/-
25) DMGM Color Explosion Eye Liner Rs. 575/-

And I ordered these for my Sister From Rouge.

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