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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Total Turnoffs 2013-Products that made it to the bottom of the list.

So, here's my list of the of beauty products for 2013, that just weren't worth the bucks and could not keep up to their claims.

1) Rivaj UK Fashion Fit Nail Colors

Reason: Pale colors, streaky application and they looked more like stains than polish (read review).

2) MUA Out there Lip Glosses 

Reason: The irritation and lip burning right after application (read review).

3) Essence Blush Brush

Reason: Too small. It's meant to efficiently apply blush but doesn't do that. (read review)

4) MUA Lipstick

Reason: The one I have looks more like lip white wash. Applies patchy and stains badly. (read review)

5) Rimmel London Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush

Reason: It's more of a powder than a blush. The brush is bad quality. (read review)

6) Hair Chalks

Reason: If you want to keep your hair from damage, then stay away from this stuff. They are drying and the color disappears within 30 minutes. (read review).

Have you tried any of these? Share your experience. Ciao!
Kiran Imtiaz Author

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  1. rimmel blush u didnt liked i have heard so much about rimmel blush in sorbet!

    1. I have it in Coral. I didn't like it because it is too powdery and the brush is very bad.

  2. I had the same experience with the mua lipsticks, not that great. I do like Rimmel's blush in Berry, its very pretty for fall.

    1. Yeh, I too am glad I only got one. I love Rimmel for a lot of their products but the blush didn't work for me.

  3. The MUA lipsticks were ok for me. The only shade I like is no 13. You are ryt about all of these products

    1. I expected the MUA lipstick to perform okay if not good, but I didn't quite like it.

  4. So far, i even dont like to apply chalks on my hair, once i want but my younger sister strongly stop me to follow this fashion trend, she explain me all after effects of using such things on hair or skin :(

    i want to busy essence blush brush, so now you safe me :)

    Great share :)

  5. Aww that blush, so many people rave about it, too bad it didn't work for you.

  6. Hey kiran <3
    Can i have your email? Need to talk

    1. Sure Faha, send in a message through my fb page :)