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Monday, May 30, 2016

Janssen Cosmetics Botanica White Mask-Review, Photos

Janssen Cosmetics Botanica White Mask
Brand Claim: Soft peel off mask with botanical skin brightening agents: lightens, moisturizes and provides a fair looking complexion.

Result: I first got to know about this product at a beauty salon where the lady used it for my whitening facial. And since then I have used it enough to write a detailed review.
The Janssen Botanical White Mask is a fine powdered peel off mask which is suitable for all skin types. I have never experienced any irritation or allergy while using it, even though my skin is combination and very sensitive to certain ingredients. You basically make a thick paste and apply it on your face and neck and wait for it to dry completely and then just peel it off. And what's great is that it doesn't peel off like skin as most masks do. It is very easy to remove. After use it reveals a beautiful, soft and glowy skin which is noticeable.

Somethings to keep in mind are that there's enough content in there that can be used 3-4 times. I do so. If you use it all at once, trust me you'll end up with a lot of product left in the bowl. The paste becomes very thick and dries very quickly in the bowl, so make sure you only prepare it when you're ready to apply. Otherwise, if it sets in the bowl and you add more water to it, the past will break and then it will be of no use. It is widely used in beauty parlors for whitening facial and with the results I have seen, I'm sure the clients are impressed.

Cons: None

The Janssen Cosmetics Botanica White Mask comes in a pack of 30 grams.

Rating: 5/5

Take it:

You're looking for a gentle yet effective peel off mask
You don't have enough time for facials
You find it affordable

Leave it:

You find it hard to apply

Price: PKR 350 individually and AED -


UAE: Although Janssen is available in the UAE online, I could not find this mask on their website.


International: Janssen Cosmetics Official Site

Conclusion: This product is an all rounder for me. This is a treat for the skin, specially during summers. Recommended? Yes.

Janssen Cosmetics Botanica White Mask
Janssen Cosmetics Botanica White Mask mixed
Janssen Cosmetics Botanica White Mask applied
Janssen Cosmetics Botanica White Mask
This is what happens when it sets in the bowl and you add water to liquify it again.

Kiran Imtiaz Author

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  1. Seems this mark really does its job well. Would love to try it out. Hope I can find it here in Pakistan.

  2. I have tried this mask and the results are amazing

  3. What did you use to dissolve the powder in? It says on the pack that we have to dissolve in an activator... will water work as well?

    1. I've always used water. Works best. Never heard of an activator for this. The lady at the salon used water as well.

  4. Replies
    1. I believe flipkart has it. But they have the bigger pack.

  5. Hi can u elaborate upom quantities as in how much water should i use and how much powder should i pour in?

    1. Hi Leena,

      I will suggest using one to two tablespoons of the content as it is more than enough to cover the entire face and neck. Gradually, just add enough water to form a thick paste and apply.

  6. when to apply ? an hour before function or 1 day before function? how many times we can apply it in a week or a month ?

    1. You can use it one to two times a week and for a more glowing and fresher looking face apply it an hour before the function.

    2. i will use this product but this product is benefits for me?

  7. Where can we buy it in it's it 6000 and that's a bigger pack ..

  8. You can get it from for pkr 750 for a 30 grams pack.