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Makeup Revolution Eye Like Angels Eye Shadow Palette-Review, Photos, Swatches + Looks

Brand Claim: The ULTRA collection of 32 brights and smoked shades to experiment and play with.

Result: I was on a lookout for an alternate to the Morphe 35 U palette which is still on my wishlist. But since I didn't want to spend the hefty amount I found this little gem after some research. This palette however, I do feel is underrated because I haven't read about it much on social media. So after playing with it for quite some time, I'm finally out with my opinion. Lets roll!

The Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels palette contains 32 shades as stated on the packaging. After opening I was quick to notice that this palette has no matte black eye shadow. And that's a plus actually, because I have lots of black eye shadows already and this one only makes place for a different color. The palette is half the size of a notebook and quite sturdy. The exterior is glossy and prone to finger prints but that doesn't bother me. It snaps open and close and their's full size mirror inside but no applicators, which again is not a problem because, eye shadow palette applicators are usually not good quality. There's a transparent film inside with the names printed. Each shadow pan size is of a one rupee coin and smaller than one dirham. The overall quality is great because the eye shadows are highly pigmented with exception to a few. They last for very long and do not smear of smudge. The texture of some is slightly creamy whereas some of them are chalky. They blend easily and look more vibrant and beautiful when applied individually. Some of the shades did look similar to me specially the brown and highlight shades but it still is a good investment for the price. These shadows are not waterproof but won't disappear as quickly if you wash your face, but it's still better to be a little careful. Let's get into color details and I'll also mention my faves. 

Black Stars (Shimmer): Is a deep gray, which is pretty close to black. It is a bit powdery though.

Silver Star (Shimmer): Is a warm gray.

Pearl Necklace (Shimmer): That beautiful sparkly gold shade which is not very yellow and not very white. (fav)

Green Envy (Shimmer): Is the classic mermaid green and my favorite from the entire palette. I wear this alone and it looks amazing. (fav)

Green Dream (Shimmer): Is a deep jean blue shade. I don't really understand, why green because it is no where near to the shade green.

Emerald Night (Shimmer): Is a dazzling emerald green. (fav)

Night Stars (Shimmer): Is a deep gray with a hint of purple. This type of color I have not seen very much of. But it is gorgeous.

Copper Dream (Shimmer): Is your classic copper shade.

Peach Cream (Shimmer): Is a beautiful peachy nude. Also good for subtle highlight.

Lilac Shimmer (Shimmer): Is heavy on the shimmer but the color is next to white. Not a lot of lilac in there.

Blue Sheen (Pearl): Is a light blue with a hint of silver.

Bold Purple (Matte): Is actually a sheer purple. This doesn't have good pigmentation and appears chalky.

Orchid (Pearl): Is a deep orchid shade.

Purpled! (Pearl): Purple with pink undertones. Not as pigmented as it seems in the pan.

Pink Frosted (Shimmer): Is a shocking pink. (fav)

White Light (Shimmer): Sheer white highlight shade.

Sophisticated Pink (Shimmer): This is a deep pink with red undertones. (fav)

Cream (Matte): Is a sheer vanilla shade with not so good pigmentation.

Moss (Shimmer): Is a deep green with a hint of gold. (fav)

Orange! (Shimmer): Is a burnt orange shade which I don't have in any of my other palettes. It's great for a transition color for bold eye makeup looks.

Dream (Shimmer): Is pink shimmer pressed in a sheer white eye shadow.

Pink! (Matte): Is a dark pink which is chalky and lacks good pigmentation.

Molton Chocolate (Shimmer): Is a nice deep brown perfect for smokey eyes.

Aqua Dream (Shimmer): Is close to a turquoise blue only slightly darker. 

Pink Glow (Pearl): Is more of a champagne shade. Perfect for highlighting.

Lilac Frost (Shimmer): Is a buttery light purple which I actually like.

Choc! (Shimmer): This one is a soft brown which is light on the shimmer. (fav)

Truffle (Shimmer): Heavy shimmery brown with great pigmentation.

Peacock Dream (Shimmer): Another purple but this one is medium toned.

Award (Shimmer): Another brown which has more shimmer than choc and is sheerer as compared to truffle.

Green Stars (Shimmer): Deep blackish green but is sort of powdery.

Silver Dream (Shimmer): Highly pigmented fine silver. (fav)

Cons: Matte shadows are chalky and not as pigmented, some shades look similar.

The Makeup Revolution Eye Like Angels Eye Shadow Palette comes in a case of 16 grams.

Rating: 4/5

Take it:

You're looking for a variety of shades
You expect good pigmentation 
You're looking for a quality eye shadow palettes
You want to play with colorful looks
You find it affordable

Leave it: 

You're not into shimmer eye shadows 
You prefer more natural tones

Price: PKR 1500 individually and AED 69




International: Makeup Revolution Online Store 

Conclusion: This palette is great for people who don't mind experimenting with colors. For the price it is a good addition to the vanity. Recommended? Yes.

Makeup Revolution Eye Like Angels Eye Shadow Palette
Makeup Revolution Eye Like Angels Eye Shadow Palette
Makeup Revolution Eye Like Angels Eye Shadow Palette
Makeup Revolution Eye Like Angels Eye Shadow Palette
Makeup Revolution Eye Like Angels Eye Shadow Palette
Swatched from left to right: Black Stars, Silver Star, Pearl Necklace, Green Envy, green Dream

Swatched from left to right: Emerald Night, Night Stars, Copper Dream, Peach Cream, Lilac Shimmer

Swatched from left to right: Blue Sheen, Bold Purple, Orchid, Purpled, Pink Frosted

Swatched from left to right: White Light, Sophisticated Pink, Cream, Moss, Orange
Swatched from left to right: Dream, Pink, Molton Chocolate, Aqua Dream, Pink Glow

Swatched from left to right: Lilac Frost, Choc, Truffle, Peacock Dream, Award, Green Stars, Silver Dream

Look # 1

Look # 2

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  1. Beautiful! I was also looking at it but was still indecisive about it. Thank you for the honest review kiran