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5 Most Common Makeup Mistakes

Makeup is an art one may take years to learn and then master. As newbies, we all make several mistakes and only practice is what will help get a hold of it. I've listed the 5 most common ones I could think of.

Wrong Shade of Foundation:

Choosing the correct foundation shade is the most important makeup task and also the most crucial ones I believe. End up with the wrong shade and all that money goes down the drain, because you can't use it and it's of no use if you keep it. For me, mixing foundation is not a good idea, so I will not recommend it. 
  • If you're unsure about your actual skin tone, then make sure you visit a counter and test a few shades to pick out the right one, specially if the foundation is your first. 
  • Test the foundation on your "jawline" and never on your wrist. The one that blends in, is the right one. 
  • Remember that foundation is not meant to make us look white. It is meant to even out the skin tone to one color. Not many years from now, most of us Asian ladies would go for "white foundation" instead of the yellow one, which is actually meant for Asian skin tones.
  • Once you've found the right shade, then go for the proper formulation and your preferred coverage.

Bold Eyes & Lips: 

Makeup artists all over the world recommend keeping either one lighter than the other. Personally, I believe bold eyes and lips together are suitable for events like Halloween. 
  • If you intend to wear black smokey eyes, compliment them with a swish of a nude lip gloss, either pink or beige.
  • If you want bold lips then forget eye shadows. Go for kohl/kajal or line the eyes instead. 

Heavy Blush:

Too much blush can make one look clowny. Avoid Barbie cheeks. Heavy blushing does not leave you with a lot of makeup options for the rest of the face. You cannot wear bold eyes or lips. If you do, your face will end up looking 2x its size. And, I'm sure none of us want that! 
  • Apply blush in circular motions on your cheek bones. Blend it nicely and stop when you see color appearing. If you can see it, then so will everyone else.
  • If you want a slim face look, contour instead.
  • Use a neutral toned blush such as peach, sheer plums and warm pinks.

Eye Shadow Blending:

Eye shadow blending is not easy. Not at all. It takes a good amount of time to do it like in the picture on the right and more time to do it like a pro! But all that learning time can be reduced if we use the proper tools for the right purpose.
  • An eye shadow brush and an eye shadow blending brush are two different things. We usually use the former for blending, which is wrong.
  • Its important to know about eye makeup brushes and use them the way they are designed for. A little practice always helps.
  • If you can't work with brushes, then use your fingers or Q-tips to blend the eye shadows.
  • For starters, try blending a light and dark shade for a proper idea.

Applying Lipstick/Gloss Over Dry Lips: 

 A lot of girls don't understand the importance of hydrated lips. We're ready to take the pain of dried out, chapped and sometimes bleeding lips but not willing enough to drink a few glasses of water a day and use chap stick every few hours. It gets worst when you apply lipstick or gloss right over dry lips. 
  • We should remember that makeup no matter what the claims, is infused with chemicals and to protect the skin from those chemicals is important.
  • Wearing lipstick and gloss over dry lips often will dry them out even more.
  • Wear a coat of chap stick before you grab that gloss. It'll hydrate the lips first and help the gloss/lipstick stay on longer without causing damage to the skin. Think of it as a primer for the lips.
  • Even if the lipstick/gloss fade away, your lips will stay moisturized.
  • Do this everyday, a few times, specially in morning and before going to bed.
Well, that's it for my list of the 5 most common makeup mistakes. I hope I've been helpful to you people :). Let me know...xoxo

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