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Retro Fashion-The Glorious 1970's 80's

Post requested by Sehrish Dogar for Retro Theme Party.

Of every fashion era the world has seen, the 1970's and 80's are the most repeated trends, specially in Asia. No one exactly knows why, but Retro keeps coming back and actually has kept the fashion industry alive. Retro meaning: backwards or from the past. Checkout some of the highlights. 


Prints prints prints...The Retro Era was mainly about prints for both men and women in Asia, be it floral, asymmetrical, spherical and what not.  Whereas in the west. prints mostly were a part of women fashion, whereas men kept it rather plain. 

However, there is one similarity. Can you guess? If your answer is Bell Bottoms, you're right! Bell Bottoms are actually one of the basic identifications of the 70's and 80's. Tight sleeves that loosen into big bells starting off from the elbow, and jeans and trousers with huge flayers at the end. 

Ladies First:

Fitted Kameez or Tops with tights are a start.
The look in the circled picture works for Asians.
Here's a strict Retro Look straight from the 70's. Notice she's wearing long boots, this is an alternative look to flared bottoms.
If you prefer a more western style, pair flared jeans with a lose top. Works better if printed.
And not to forget the evergreen polka dots trend.
Here's a better look of Bell Bottoms for ladies


Shades with huge square frames, aviators and chunky bangles were in.

If you think you can carry a headband, tie one like this.


Hair and Makeup:

 Heavy eye liners and soft lips for makeup. For hair it was the classy Beehive hair do, or the "hippie" style from the west. 

The Retro Beehive Hairstyle
The 70's curls
If you have short hair, go for the Retro Bob
Hippie hair from the 80's
Go for braids for a modern touch

as for makeup checkout these beauties...Notice the heavy eye line and soft peachy lips

Moving on to Retro Fashion for Gentlemen

Amitabh's look in Don is a true inspiration
For those of you who like to keep it rather plain
Notice the high waist bottoms?
Here's a more modern Retro avatar


Over sized sun glasses with usually very dark or light colors were the fashion then.


Retro hair do's for men were rather sleek. Forget spikes and locks. That time was all about slick back and more formal hair. 

Remember Elvi's classy do?
That's it for now. Hope you guys enjoyed the post. Cheers!

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