Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Corsage

A beautiful floral accessory.

You've mostly seen these as a part of bridal bouquets. So what is a corsage? It's basically an accessory made from flowers, ribbons and embellishments.
Nowadays, they've also become parts of a style addition for wrist fashion, clothing, shoes and even hair accessories. So read on to find out more...

Put life into that plain dress by adding a huge flower corsage close to the shoulder line or center or side of the waist. You can either choose the same color as the dress or use contrasting shades.

What to choose? 

I love corsages made from satin clothing or ribbons. They look the most classy and stylish because of all that shine in the cloth. I'm not into ones made from wool or cotton, I feel they just look plain and lifeless. And you can replace a corsage with a giant bow. That's coming later on.

Where to pin a Corsage?

Here are a few ideas.

Want to make your own?

You will need.

So we're moving on to the tutorials. Before you start, here are basic things needed to prepare a corsage.
  1. Flowers (roses and orchids work best).
  2. Ribbons (different colors and sizes).
  3. Scissors.
  4. String.
  5. And if you want to use Bows you will need everything mentioned above except flowers. Additionally you will need, cloth ( can be satin, jeans, cotton, wool etc).
  6. Sewing needle and thread (depends)
  7. A number zero wire (depends).
  8. Embellishments ( thin pearl strings, studs or buttons etc, this is optional though).

So what is the difference b/w a corsage and a flower pin?

I believe the only difference is that corsages take real flowers to prepare and flower pins take fabric and ribbons. The names are interchangeable.

More examples of Floral Embellishment

Hope you girls enjoyed the post...xoxo

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