Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nail Polish-A little this a little that!

Nail Polish has been a trend for generations. All that's happened is that nail polish has only gotten better and better with the inclusion of striking colors, shimmer and of course the popularity gaining-nail art.

Below are some of my favorite colors and ones I think every girl should have. The best colors are the ones that bring out your personality. I'm not
at all crazy about nail polish, but I do wear it a few times a month and have a decent collection. Today, I'll be talking about some of my favorites and ones worth a consideration. Let's roll...


Is one of my favorite colors of all time and one of the first nail colors ever introduced. Red seems like it can be worn any and everywhere but i don't think that's true. Wear it in hot humid summers and the impression it leaves is "eww". I wear red in fall winter, it so goes well then. Of course there are a lot of variations in red. Choose one according to your skin tone, that is like the most important thing. There are of course a lot of variations, but I go for the classy "Marilyn Monroe Red", that's what I call it.


This color was SO in last year. Be it celebrities, models and even politicians everyone wore blue. But it isn't all shades, its this dark navy blue color. If you're going for this one, please shop from a good quality brand. It'll look amazing specially if your skin tone is fair. A lot of girls would probably disagree with me on this one. I mean, not everyone would want to wear a striking blue nail polish every day. I still love this color, especially the dazzling electric blue.


Black is so music video type. Don't you think? I just feel it needs to be well coordinated with clothing and accessories for that fashion feel. I wore Black during fall a lot last year. Can't think of wearing it during summers though. Not even at nights as it is too rich for our hot humid weather. But I've notice Black goes well on fair to medium skin tones. 


A color for every weather. I always have a shade of baby pink in my collection and this is the color I wear the most. The best thing about it is that, it goes well with people of all size and shape. From teens to grandma's, baby pink is a favorite of all. But, baby pink (at least I think) is so not for people who are into hip hop or party crashers, just my thought.This shade is one of my absolute favorites. I can wear it wherever I like and it's perfect to wear at my workplace. Baby pink looks great on medium to dark skin tones and it's a must have for summer.


Beige or nude shades are also my favs. Some people like to keep it natural. I feel people who are like into nature, philosophy, calm, quite etc pick the lightest or most natural shades to wear. It's not bad actually. Natural colors look beautiful. Specially if you've noticed advertisements, most ladies wear natural shades. Be it summers or fall, these colors are classics and never out of fashion. There's a lot of variety in these shades and they usually come in a thick creamy texture, which I am not a fan of as it tends to smudge very quickly.The water based ones are good.


The more fashionable it looks the harder it is to wipe off. Personally I'm not a die hard fan of glitter nail polishes as they create quite a mess on removal. I don't know, my nails suddenly feel so heavy. This might sound strange but it's true. But if you're into glitter, opt for gold or silver. I think those go best with glitter.  But I do like how they add a beautiful sparkle to the nails. Glitter nails are great for parties and girls day/night out. They even come in sequins and dots now. There are millions of colors out there, but choose the ones that look best on you.


The everyday, sophisticated look. French manicure is wonderful, i so love it. And it's the best thing for business women or professional ladies who don't have enough time to work on their nails. But french manicure requires care, specially when done with polish, because if you get a scratch from somewhere it'll destroy the entire look. But anyway, french manicure sure is classic and fashionable. It's been quite a few years since I last did a French Manicure. I love how it transforms the nails and they look so elegant and squeaky clean. But doing it perfectly takes practice or one will have to rush to the salon. It's perfect for career women and kind of adds that professional touch to the office suit. 

Well, that's it for now. A little word of advice I have for all your girls out there, is that build up a little collection of your favorite shades and try and invest in quality brands. After all, it's about your nails.

Kiran Imtiaz Author

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  1. I love red nails <3 baby pinks n beiges are good for everyday :)

  2. Nice post really :) I like baby blue most

  3. I love blue and red, they look beautiful <3

  4. Lovely post I love all shades esp black n red but only few pinks suite me.