Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Wardrobe Update: J. Collection

As summer continues, so does shopping for beautiful lawn dresses. I picked two more from Junaid Jamshed yesterday.

The first one is a printed black and white long shirt with a round asymmetrical border. I loved it for the style and of course the classic combo.I paired it with jersey silk polka dotted tights from Urban Culture and a chiffon dupatta I have from an older suit from Junaid Jamshed.

More Specifications: 
  • Fabric: Lawn
  • I bought it in a size Medium. It also comes in small and large
  • Neck style: Egyptian
  • 3 quarter buttoned sleeves
  • Length: 50 inches
  • More colors:Yes
  • Sides closed.
  • Checked red, black and white detailing on neck and sleeves.
  • Price: Rs.2885/-


 The second outfit is a printed handkerchief style warm orange dotted top from the Teens collection. I loved it for the color as I'm experimenting with everything these days. Perfect for medium skin.

More Specifications: 
  • Fabric: Lawn
  • I bought it in a size 40, which is medium. It also comes in other sizes.
  • V shaped neck with a printed 3 inch wide applique.
  • Almost full length sleeves with pink detailing
  • Length: Around 46 inches
  • More colors: No
  • Sides closed.
  • Price: Rs. 2485/- 

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