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Effective Hair Removal-What Works & What Doesn't

All of us have probably tried different methods for getting rid of unwanted hair, and I'm sure everyone will have a story to tell if asked about what worked and what didn't. It's a pain specially for ladies who have dense hair due to natural or unnatural reasons and it creates a sense of disturbance unless its all gone! I too, just like a lot of you girls out there, have undergone various procedures (and to honest, if it doesn't hurt it won't work) and today, I'm going to share with you some general info and my opinion which method is best to go for.

For better understanding, I'll rate each method on a scale of 1-5 of which:

1: Pain free
2: Slightly painful
3: Bearable pain
4: Quite painful
5: Very painful


1) Threading: One of the most common ways to get rid of facial hair is threading. I've seen ladies get it done on their entire face, but I personally do not like it. I only get my eye brows and forehead done with a thread, that too because there's no alternative.

Pros: Cheap, available in every salon, no chemical use.
Cons: May produce cuts/slight bruise, may cause temporary bumps or redness.

Pain Scale: 4

2) Waxing: Waxing is my favorite method when it comes to hair removal. But I highly suggest getting it done at a salon or prepare wax yourself and do it at home. I prefer hot wax over wonder wax. I get my upper lips and chin waxed and occasionally my entire face too. I have mixed reviews about wax strips as you have to put in a lot of effort and try placing them in different positions to pull the hair our but some even don't work like that. Plus, wax strips are painful and can damage the skin.

Pros: Fast, available in almost every salon, reduces hair growth.
Cons: May cause temporary redness, may not remove very small hair.

Pain Scale: 3 (may vary depending on skin condition).

3) Laser Hair Removal: I have heard mixed reviews about the laser technique and personally have never had it so I don't have an opinion. Although I highly recommend you seek professional advice and go for a treatment only after a skin test as laser is no child's play and can lead to unforeseen consequences if not done properly.

Pros: -
Cons: Very expensive.

Pain Scale: -

Arms, Legs and Back:

1) Waxing: For quick hair removal from arms, legs and back, waxing is the best. You can do it at home, take assistance or have it done at the beauty salon. But again you need to let the hair grow to their full length before going for a wax session as tiny baby hair are a true hassle and won't pull out.

Pros: Fast, available in almost every salon, reduces hair growth.
Cons: May cause temporary redness, may not remove very small hair.

Pain Scale: 3-4 (may vary depending on hair thickness and texture)

2) EpilationIf you want to save yourself time, money, mess and the hassle of traveling to salons all the way, epilating is your one take on hair removal. The only name I can think of is Braun as their Silk Epil range isn't new to anyone, plus they come in different models, for different needs and will get rid of the annoying tiny hair as well.

Pros: Fast, moderately priced, reduces hair growth.
Cons: None

Pain Scale: 3-4

3) Shaving: I've heard a lot of people say that shaving causes the hair to grow back thick and coarse. Well yes, shaving with a razor, even if it's one those specially designed for ladies, can cause thick hair or even increased growth. But it's not the same for everyone. I've personally done it a lot of times over the past few years, but have never experienced increased hair growth. This method is best for ladies who want to go the pain free way.

Pros: Fast, cheap, pain free
Cons: May cause hair to grow back thick and coarse

Pain Scale: 1

4) Hair Removing Creams/Lotions: I hate them. Hair removing creams have never worked for me. All they do is smell bad and leave the skin with small patches of hair. Some even irritate the skin and the results don't last for long.

Pros: Cheap, pain free
Cons: May cause irritation, not very effective

Pain Scale: 1

5) Hair Removing Sprays: This is generally a new concept but I can say it is far better than creams and lotions. I have used Sally Hansen Spray On Shower Off hair remover (read review) and based on this product, I actually like this method. But I'd still suggest doing an allergy test before your first application.

Pros: Moderately priced, pain free
Cons: May irritate skin.

Pain Scale: 1

Sensitive Areas: I highly suggest consulting a salon professional before moving on with hair removal from sensitive skin. There are many different methods but you can't experiment with them all. And the most important thing is skin type and condition.

Compiled hair removal tools list for reference:

1) Wax: Hot and Wonder (aka cold wax)
2) Thread
3) Epilators
4) Ladies Razor
5) Hair Removing Creams/Lotions
6) Wax Strips
7) Hair Removing Sprays

What methods have you used? I hope you found the post helpful. Ciao! 

Kiran Imtiaz Author

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  1. Pretty informative Kiran! I personally prefer waxing and sometimes epilators over any other method.

  2. Hmm great detail indeed

  3. You are right....Wax strips can damage skin....I have experienced it....xoxoxoxo...:)

  4. I prefer waxing over any the compilation!

  5. I really admire the effort! I have some cons for epilation.. it causes really bad ingrown hair and weird bumps and you need to wait out a week to remove hair again. It also takes alooot of time.

  6. Threading and Waxing for the win. Even when hot wax have given me more than my fair share of bruises and burns :/ I now go for the gel-wax