Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Get rid of upper lip hair at home-quick and easy!

Upper lip hair are literal confidence killers specially for ladies with dense and dark hair. What's even annoying is that they never stop growing. Ever! I've been getting my upper lip hair waxed for years now and yes the growth has reduced but to a minimum. I had to rush to the salon every 2 weeks because just look so bad. But there are days when one doesn't have time for anything and my skin has to pay the price. So I found out a way to get rid of these unwanted meddlers. It does involve waxing, strips in particular, but saves the hassle of salon appointments and you can do it home. It is slightly painful but very convenient. Grab a face wax strip and let's begin.

Ok, this is embarrassing but for demonstration purposes, here's a shot of my upper lips before I start off.

Rub the wax strip between your fingers to melt the formula inside and open up the strip.

Place your tongue underneath the area you want to begin with and push it so tightens a bit. If you want you can use talcom powder or a light moisturizer before you start, but I'm using none.

Place the wax strip vertically on the desired area and press a little with one finger. Then pull up as fast as you can. DON'T use the strip horizontally trying to pull out all hair at once, as I've already tried it and it is only a waste of time and strip, plus it is very painful. Use the strip bit by bit.

And voila! This is first half of the strip. You'll find 80% of hair on this one.

This is the second half. Use this the same way and it'll remove the left over hair which you missed initially.

And there you have a clean clearer upper lip. Enjoy!

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  1. can u tell me which strips are those ?? i would really want to give it a try

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    1. I used face wax strips from Rivaj UK. You'll find them at naheed's.

  2. I'm so with you. The embrassment made me learn how to thread from youtube. Thanks for sharing this! Is it more painful than threading?

    1. No it's a lot less painful than threading. I'd recommend this method :)