Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Perfect "Pout" War

What creates the perfect pout? This question is debatable and there seems to be no definite answer to it. The cosmetic industry is swarming with lip products, with new ones launched every now and then, promising softer, supple, pouty, kissable etc lips that will leave, if not everyone, then at least your friends and rivals wowing!
Of course lip shape and skin type also matters, but is there any product/s worth the claims? Well, after several years of wearing lip stuff, today I am going to jot down my answer to who wins the "Perfect Pout War".


I believe it depends on the finish. Lipsticks with cream formulation tend to produce more pout over mattes or any other. Since cream lipsticks also moisturize the lips, leaving them soft and healthy appearing, nothing extra needs to used.

I recommend: Rimmel London Lasting Finish  (read review) and Kate Lipsticks.

Lip Gloss:

My absolute favorite beauty invention! Lip glosses double the size of the lips, in my humble opinion, making them appear fuller and of course very bright. The work best not only for naturally full but thin lips as well.

I recommend: L'Oréal Glam Shine range (read review), Borjouis Effect 3D glosses

Chap stick/Lip Balm:

A chap stick is all benefits. Not only does it remove chap, create a soft and smooth lip canvas but also makes them appear slightly pouty. With lip balms you have the option to choose between various shades. So those looking for naturally enhanced lips should wear these more often. 

I recommend: Chapet, Maybelline Baby Lips (read review) and E.L.F Studio Conditioning lip balm.

Lip Butters and Lip Stains: 

Lip butters are only moisturizing whereas stains come in different finishes. But when it comes to the pout factor, I think lip butters do a better job and have longer wear time, whereas lip stains are more pigmented. 

I recommend: Revlon Lip Butter (read review) and Lip Stains

Lip Liners:

It might surprise some of you why'd I add lip liners to this list, but trust me, there were times when ladies would line and then fill in lips with the same pencil and such times still exist. So a lip liner is meant to give definition to the lips and ease lipstick application. But if you wear it all alone, it will not create a luscious pout.

Lip Lacquers:

They're similar to lipsticks, only in liquid in form. I love the fact that lip lacquers are not only pigmented but create a beautiful pout as well. Some of them tend to dry the lips afterwards, but if you use chap stick underneath it might hold on for long. 

I recommend: Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer (read review)

So for me "Lip Gloss" wins the war, as I believe it not only creates the perfect pout but also moisturizes the lips. The color range is huge and the formulation is comfortable. I hope you enjoyed today's' post. Do share your thoughts and opinion. Ciao!

Kiran Imtiaz Author

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  1. Lovely post dear and I love your collection...xoxoxo.....^_^

  2. Very detailed post...thanks for sharing your thoughts.. I love lipsticks, lip lacquers and lip balm stains...

  3. I love to use lipsticks because they stay for a decent time as compared to other products.
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