Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Event: Paris Gallery Friends, Family and Staff Sale, Dubai

About a few weeks ago I went to the Paris Gallery friends, family and staff sale, which is held a few times during the year but is an unannounced event. So if someone tells you about it, you're lucky and should definitely visit once. The event was held at Le Meridian Hotel, near Dubai International Airport and lasted for 3 days.

The sale offered a huge discount starting off from 50 to 90% off on brands such as Aigner, Ferrari and Salvatore Ferragamo to name a few. I specifically went to the sale for cosmetics and perfumes but it was limited to shoes, apparel, handbags, scarves and ties. Here's my little shopping spree from the event.

I bought this funky box bag from Aigner, retailed at aed 3000 but after 90% off I got it for aed 300.

This other beauty is from Aigner as well and it was retailed at aed 3010 but after the discount we got it for aed 301.

Handbags were the most sought after item during the entire sale and they were swarming everywhere in exquisite designs and eye catching colors. I so wish I could grab more of them. I also tried on some shoes but they only had large sizes. 

For my hubby I got deep blue tie from Aigner retailed at aed 700 but after the discount it was aed 140. 

My husband bought these beautiful loafers from Salvatore Ferragamo for aed 180 whereas, they're retailed at aed 1800. I just love the color.

That's it for my Paris Gallery shopping gala. I hope you liked everything. If you ever get a chance to be at a Paris Gallery sale, trust me, it's a chance not to be missed. Enjoy!
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  1. wow.i love love paris gallery.never knew they have an event like this.the bag is such a bargain.lovely post

    1. Thankx maya. Oh yes, the sale was awesome. Hopefully you'll make it to the next one :)

  2. Beautiful. I like your bags and your Hubby's loafers. Great picks.

  3. Great picks and love the hand bags...

  4. You have picked lovely bags, they are beautiful :)

  5. that white bag is gorgeous ... great picks

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