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Avon Naturals Face Radiance Rose Cleanser-Review, Photos, Swatch

Avon Naturals Face Radiance Rose Cleanser

Company/Brand Claim: Makes skin look brighter. Cleanses and refreshes. Moisturizes skin.

Result: This is my first encounter with a cream cleanser. I have used astringents in the past and to be honest I'm quite done with them as they're too harsh on the skin and not to forget the stingy fragrance. The Avon rose cleanser smells amazing and has a butter soft feeling to it. It is packaged in a white plastic tube with rosy pink text. The texture is creamy but not runny at all. Although not mentioned on the packaging but I think it is suitable for all skin types unless you're allergic to certain ingredients. 

At first I followed the usage directions mentioned on the tube but I didn't much of cleansing through a tissue so I started using cotton balls instead. It removes dirt and grime with ease and is a wonderful makeup remover as well. The skin becomes super soft after usage but also looks a bit greasy and tanned. Although I have oily/combination skin, rose extracts and products have always caused my skin to tan. But with this I don't worry about it, as I wash it off with my facial wash. It's ideal for working ladies and at home moms as they spend most of their time in a lot of hush hush. It removes makeup with ease and I'm glad I don't have to rely on astringents anymore. The non irritating feeling gets rid of makeup completely. You may have to use more than one cotton ball though. I even use it before going to bed when I'm too lazy to use my facial wash as it takes away my sleep. 

Cons: The greasy shine and tan. Limited availability.

The Avon Naturals Face Radiance Rose Cleanser comes in a 125 ml tube.

Rating: 4/5 

Take it:
You're looking for a quality cleanser
You want to switch from astringents
You're looking for a good makeup remover
You prefer natural ingredients
You prefer cream formulation
Leave it:
You're not sure whether it is for your skin type
You can't find it easily
You prefer astringents

Price: AED 29

Available at: 
Pakistan: Unfortunately this product is not available in Pakistan but you might be able to get it through a representative.
UAE: Avon representatives and online at
International:- Avon representatives

Conclusion: I like how it works and might repurchase. Recommended? Yes!

Avon Naturals Face Radiance Rose Cleanser
Avon Naturals Face Radiance Rose Cleanser
Avon Naturals Face Radiance Rose Cleanser
Avon Naturals Face Radiance Rose Cleanser as daily cleanser-Before and After
Avon Naturals Face Radiance Rose Cleanser as makeup remover-Before and After

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  1. Sounds like a promising product. Nice review! :) x

    Momina Haseeb | ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

  2. This one looks good :) Will try it somehow :) And You have reviewed this nicely :)

  3. This product does sound great, nice review :)

  4. I have used it before and it left my skin flawless, i loved it but now i can't find it. My skin yearns for there any way i can get it?

    1. I don't think it is available in the stores but you might get it from Avon representatives.