Monday, October 5, 2015

11 Things You Didn't Know About Me

First of all, I'd like to thank Bia of The Beauty Finds for this fun tag. I hope I can answer all the questions with a proper spirit and make them fun to read. So here are my replies.

Q1. If you have an option to wear a certain makeup product/brand PERMANENTLY on your face (without any side effects, of course), what would that be?

I would certainly pick Rimmel because I have used a lot of the brand's products and most of them have worked really well for me. Be it powders, lipsticks or eye liners, I can go with Rimmel all my life.

Q2. Which local or international celebrity carries 'your' fashion & beauty style?

That's a tricky one. Umm, I can't really think of anyone with exactly my particular sense of style  but for beauty I will have to say Angelina Jolie. She can't go wrong with makeup. She's mesmerizing every time.

Q3. Share one trait/habit/achievement of yours that you are immensely proud of?

A trait of mine that I am proud of is that I am very patient. I've come across lots of people and events in my life where I needed it the most. Thanks to the almighty for this. Habit would be trying to multi task. I don't really like doing one thing at a time. And for achievement, that I was able to teach MBA students at SZABIST despite being very nervous about it.

Q4. If you could get a chance to meet some historical or family figure in a dream, what would you say/do?

I'd ask Marilyn Monroe, how did she exactly die?

Q5. If you could eliminate a certain beauty habit or trend from the world, what would that be?

I'd eliminate botox and torn jeans.  

Q6. What beauty product never worked for you, yet everybody else raves about it?

Can't really think of a specific product but there is one brand that hasn't done me much good as of yet and that is MUFE,

Q7. What is the cheapest holy grail product of yours?

Essence lip liner in In the Nude. It is a wonderful product and a must have.

Q8. What beauty habit of your mother/grandmother have been passed on to you?

My mom loves wearing kajal and that is something I don't usually miss out on either.

Q9. What career or life aspirations from your childhood were so absurd that you laugh on them now?

I once wanted to be an air hostess. Makes me giggle whenever I think about it now.

Q10. What the best/most favorite act of charity for you?

The best act of charity for me is to save some money from your own wallet and keep it aside for the needy. This should be done whenever salary/pocket money comes in.

Q11. What is the dark-side of beauty blogging?

The rant. Some people cannot digest the slightest success others achieve and will miss no chance to throw destructive criticism. 

That's it for my answers. I hope they were an enjoyable read. Ciao! 

Kiran Imtiaz Author

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  1. Its awesome to know more abt you Dear! xx

    Love XoxoX

  2. I love reading such posts and enjoyed your answers. I need some Rimmel products now :)