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Colour Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Bumble and Creeper-Review, Photos, Swatches

Color Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Bumble and Creeper
Brand Claim: Lips are sealed.

Result: By now I'm sure you're well aware of the craze that Color Pop cosmetics have caused globally. My first purchase is from their best selling liquid lipsticks. The collection has a decent range of colors but I only picked bumble and creeper because I didn't think others were that suitable for my skin tone. Lets get into details.

So the first shade is bumble which is a muted warm pink. Its one of those colors you can wear almost everyday. The second shade I bought is Creeper, which is a seductive Hollywood red. This shade is just plain gorgeous and my favorite from the line.
The packaging is quite modern. Transparent bottles with a silver top and girly text. Talking about color payoff, both shades are opaque and highly pigmented. One coat is enough for intense visible color. The formula is matte and the brand literally means it. They dry within seconds and will suck the life out of your lips if you have dry lips like me. I know this was going to be a bit of a problem area but I decided to ignore this part. I don't blame the brand at all because they've created a product that is suppose to be matte and that's what it is. They don't bleed off but if you apply a lip balm prior to application or you're under humid weather, they might transfer onto glass and food a tad bit. They last for more than 8 hours and start to fade from the center of the lips eventually. One thing that was a bit of a bugger was that this stuff takes forever to get off. I rub my lips with a dry tissue first and then a damp tissue, after that I wash around the mouth with a face wash because it just spreads everywhere and then wipe off the slight tint with a tissue or soft towel. 

Cons: Hard to remove.

The Color Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks come in 43 shades with 3.2 grams of content.

Rating: 4.5

Take it:

You like liquid lipsticks
You prefer matte formula
You like the color range
You find it affordable
You're looking for long lasting lipstick
You have naturally smooth lips

Leave it: 

You have naturally dry lips
You find it hard to get off
You prefer a moisturizing formula

Price: Pkr 990 and AED 35



Pakistan: Various Facebook pages. I got mine from Amor.

International: Color Pop official site

Conclusion: I don't regret this purchase and will try to find more shades for myself. It is a gem of a product. Love! Recommended? Yes.

Color Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Bumble and Creeper
Color Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Bumble and Creeper
Color Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Bumble and Creeper swatches
Color Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Bumble
Color Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Creeper

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  1. I am in love with color pop liquid lipsticks so much that Im beginning to think these r the only lipsticks one should have in life. But the taking off part is a bummer. The lasting power is so great it makes me question the harm it brings to the lips.

  2. I love BUMBLE to the moon and back, I loved theses so much :) suites u a lot :)

  3. They both look gorgeous on you :) I think you got the old formula. The new one is soooo much more comfortable. Actually it's really easy to remove. Take some oil on your finger and rub on your lips to breakdown the pigment. Then wipe off with tissue. The stain might remain but it's not bad. It can be any kind of oil even cooking oil. -Sadaf