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Lé Edge Face and Body Exfoliator, Pink-Review, Photos

Brand Claim: Le Edge is a hygienic personal exfoliating tool. Le Edge is precision designed to remove with ease dead skin cells and debris from the skin’s surface, revealing the newer younger cells and more radiant skin. Le Edge removes dulling surface debris such as toxins, oil, dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells. This process helps to restore the skin texture and by doing so, helps to reduce the size of the skin’s pores naturally.

Result: We're very keen about exfoliating our face skin to look fresh and younger for long but completely ignore our body. Specially the arms and legs. So why don't we pay that much attention to the rest of the body? Perhaps, there was nothing out there for it. So, today I'll be talking about the Lé Edge Face and Body Exfoliator which claims to remove dead skin cells and debris, revealing smoother and younger looking skin.  It's already been raved about on the internet but did it work for me? Read on to find out more.
It is a hard razor like exfoliating tool, which I actually did mistaken for a razor. But upon reading the instructions I came to know of its actual use. And so I did use it on wet skin during the shower. I made sure the water was somewhat warm as that opens up skin pores and used it on my forearms and shins as they're the most driest. I used it like an ordinary razor in upward motion and right after use, I felt a bit of a tingle, which was due to stimulated blood circulation I guess. That's what I love about it, using it during the shower saves time. After drying up when I touched my skin I could literally feel a difference and the white dry film on my shins had reduced and applying a body lotion became easier. My skin was smoother. It's not a miracle product and will not work wonders immediately, but with continuous use it will retain skin health. It can also be used for the face but I chose to use it for body exfoliation only. It is the size of a palm and slim enough to slide into a purse easily. And bonus, it can be used by both women and men. 

Cons: Not easily available

The Lé Edge Face and Body Exfoliator is available in Pink and Blue colors.

Rating: 4.5/5

Take it:

You find it useful
You want to save time on exfoliation
You don't mind using it on your body
You use lots of creams, lotion and fake tan products
You like the overall concept of the product

Leave it: 

The concept does not interest you
You find it expensive

Price: $69.99


UAE: Selected Instagram sellers

Pakistan: Unfortunately, this product is not available in Pakistan as of yet.


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Conclusion: I would say I do like it, as it not only puts up with the claim but is a safe and easy way to healthier looking skin. Recommended? Yes.

Lé Edge Face and Body Exfoliator, Pink
Lé Edge Face and Body Exfoliator, Pink

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  1. Today curiosity led me to your blog, and thank you for briefing in detail about this product :)

  2. Wow.. it is interesting product. Never heard of anything like this. I do exfoliate my body but with a loofah for more gentle exfoliation.

    1. Loofahs are great too. But this one i won't have to change at all :)

  3. I am not sure if I am thrilled by the product

    1. This is a fairly new concept and the product is quite simple. I didn't think i'd like it either but it does work :)

  4. This exfoliator sounds amazing, i would love to have one.

  5. Sounds absolutely amazing product, I love to try it soon, love your blog as well, thank you for sharing!!!


  6. heard this product for the first time, may be it's a new concept. Sounds good!

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