Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Store Review: Dibaaj

Dibaaj, which means a type of silk cloth (courtesy Quranic Names) is an online store, with a more modern approach and sense of style towards the Hijab and Abaya.

I came across the store on Face book while searching for abaya shops and a beautiful picture of a beige body wrap with orange detailing popped up and caught my attention immediately. Since I have shopped from the brand I can now share my experience with you all. Read on.

Layout and Navigation:

Since Dibaaj focuses on a niche it makes very easy for them to offer all of their designs in a clean, simple to use website, where you'll take minutes to go through the collections. 


The brand sells Abayas, from everyday wear to formal wear, Hijabs, both scarves and net ones and Body Wraps.  

Orders and Purchase:

Place an order via the website or purchase from the brand's studio directly, which is located in DHA, Karachi.

Payment Methods: 

Cash on delivery. Although it is free, I was still charged when I got my parcel. I didn't notify the brand about this as I had a hunch the delivery guy charged me on purpose.


Online Store: Dibaaj
Telephone #  0334 3399661
Email: orders@dibaaj.com

My Experience: 

I started contact with the brand on Face book weeks before heading to Pakistan. The response took around 3-4 days and eventually stopped. When I got to Pakistan I called on the number provided and answering was Maha Sajid, who is the creative mind behind all those designs Dibaaj has to offer. She was kind and answered all my questions and said If I place the order today, (which was a tuesday then) the order will be dispatched on monday. I ordered a color block body wrap and it was an urgent one. Along came the next tuesday and my order did not arrive. I called Maha and she said the order will be dispatched on wednesday now. Along came wednesday and still no delivery. I called again on thursday and was told she would look into it. By night she did not reply to my messages or answer my calls, which made me think the order was ready at all. I was annoyed and angry. Then I recieved my order saturday morning and assumed the wrap was stitched over night, as friday is a working day in Karachi. So it took 10 days for an urgent order. But I was happy with what I received as the body wrap was very beautiful and comfortable to wear. I later assumed the delay was due to the fact that, the brand was working on its latest collection which launched after a few days of my order delivery.

Prices may seem a bit steep but not extremely expensive. Something that can be worn out for a long time is worth some bucks. Plus. we don't mind spending a whole lot on lawn right? So why not this?

What can you expect: 

Great quality
Good choice of designs
Size chart provided
Easy site navigation

What you should be aware of:

Delay in delivery
Calls are not always attended 


I got what I saw and that's a rare case. I love Dibaaj for their quality and I will definitely order from them in the near future. Recommended.

I hope the review was helpful. Do share your experience in the comments box below. Enjoy! xoxo...

My order:

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  1. Glad to know about a page that sells good quality, reasonably priced abayas and hijabs. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. Beautiful!!! I love how innovative the design is as compared to usual abayas. Thank you for the honest review!