Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Veet Oriental Nose Strips-Review, Photos, Result

Result: I usually get blackheads waxed out when I go for my face wax, but when it's not one of those times, these tiny little yucky things make their way back on my nose. There are plenty of strips available in the market. I tried the ponds blackhead removal strips a long way back (very long) and they did to work but not as good as I had expected. 

So one fine day (last year to be specific) I came across the Veet oriental nose strips at a local store and I grabbed a box just to test it out. The strip seems like every other out there but what I liked most about it is the formula which pulls out every little black/white head on your skin. You'll need to wet your nose area before putting it on. Within 10 minutes it grips onto your nose so tight it takes a bit of an effort to remove it. The result is as promised and I have no intentions of switching to any other strips for now.

Cons: Limited availability

Veet oriental nose strips come in a pack of 8 strips.

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Pkr 180

Available: This product is not available in the UAE.
Pakistan: I got it from max bachat store in hyderabad.

Conclusion: Blackheads are not going to be an issue for me as long as this stuff is around. Recommended? Yes.

Veet Oriental Nose Strips
Veet Oriental Nose Strips

Before, After Use, End Result

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  1. can you pleaseeeeeee tell me how to use it i purchased it and its sticker thing not even getting off

    1. You just pull it off from either corner. Try with another strip.