Monday, January 29, 2018

5 tips to save money on makeup

This post is for all makeup lovers, including myself, who are avid makeup shoppers and usually run out of cash when a craving for more shopping ticks off. There are lots of ways you can manage to save some money and here I am today to share some of my personal tips with you. So let's begin.

Tip #1 Cut down on or just don't buy your least favorite product/s

Try not to shop for makeup products you're not much into. For example, I am not a big fan of nail polish and mascara so I hardly ever buy any, not even during a sale. Just sit and think about it for a minute. You can use that money on something more worthy of your buck.

Tip #2 Don't stack up on things you don't need

I recommend staying away from cake eye liners, eye liner sealers and all sorts of primers. Gels and retractable eye liners do a much better job, my eye liner sealer is lying somewhere in my vanity and I'm trying to find an excuse to throw it out because I have never used it. And, a moisturizer can very much help with foundation setting. Why layer the face with so much stuff?

Tip #3 Be careful about those tones and colors

Now if you're a collector like me and love to stack up on a certain shade of lipstick, I don't blame you, because I too collect a lot of red lipsticks. But there are some shades that just don't work for a particular skin tone, for example, nude lipsticks and glosses come in a variety of shades and we all tend to gravitate towards the lightest of them all because it looked oh so amazing on that model/blogger. So choose wisely and take your time with selecting the right shades. It will definitely save you some money.

Tip #4 Switch to travel and deluxe sizes

I love travel size makeup. It runs out faster, is easy to carry around and you get to try out different products and brands. It's much cheaper and convenient than spending in a full size product, which will probably last ages and eventually expire.

Tip #5 Shop directly from the brand

If you know of a certain makeup brand that is available in a mall within your city somewhere, try to spare some time and shop from the brand counter directly or have someone else do it for you in case, you can't get there easily. This will save you those delivery charges and sometimes even on the actual product as online sellers tend to sell at a higher price.

That's it for today. I hope these little tips will help you save some cash for your next makeup shopping trip. Ciao!
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