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Taking some time to appreciate sheer talent-Lucky Ali

Lucky Ali
Lucky Ali

I remember as a kid hearing the song "O Sanam" for the first time and falling in love with the melodious tunes. Followed by "Dekha hai aise bhi" and many more, Lucky Ali was everywhere. I'm writing today to contribute my two cents of appreciation for the musical maestro. 

Going back to the '90s:

With a voice like non-other, a personality that is so down to Earth yet intriguing, Lucky Ali is one of my favorite singers of all time. His music was way ahead of its time, yet better than the jargon we hear today. His music videos were fun to watch, and nobody can forget the humming sound from O Sanam. His contribution to the Bollywood industry won him accolades, but he's stepped away from the limelight for all the right reasons. 

Here's where he talks about why he left Bollywood for good.

Of course, he's not young anymore. He's 62 and has aged. He didn't run behind brand endorsement deals and B grade movies to make money. The guy has had quite an adventurous life, the kind most of us would not appreciate. But Lucky Ali is thankful for all he went through and the struggles he had to put in to be where he is today. 

Simplicity has such grace:

This guy can walk into a talk show wearing an open-buttoned kurta and dhoti, receive a prestigious award in the same attire, and wouldn't give a damn about what people will think. That's because such people understand the value of God gifted talent that shows. Wearing designer clothing doesn't win you awards.

Back as a viral sensation:

The internet has gone wild after a video of Lucky Ali singing O Sanam went viral about a week ago. You can clearly tell his voice has aged like fine wine. That's what I call raw talent. He currently runs a software house based around organic farming. Here's hoping we get to hear more from the legendary singer in the future.

For those who have never heard O Sanam, hear it from the man himself in this latest video:

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