Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Mia Celine Cosmetics

Mia Celine Cosmetics

The idea of makeup as just a beauty tool is so outdated. It has become more of a phenomenon

that reflects your personality in colors that look best on you, with room for experiments. With this

keynote in mind, Ieva created MIA CELINE COSMETICS (#miacelinecosmetics), a cruelty-free

makeup line and the result of Ieva’s immense talent and dedicated work over the years.

The lustrous MC Lip Gloss quickly grabs attention with that brilliant shine. Six beautiful shades

are perfect for daytime wear and perfectly pair with a smokey eye. If you like to keep it light, a

swish of lip gloss is all you need.

Mia Celine Cosmetics

When it comes to makeup brushes, it’s that one tool that can really burn a hole in your pocket. I

adore how Ieva took this concern into consideration and created an affordable, 14 piece

professional quality brush set, which has everything you need for a flawless application.

My favorite is the 3-D Faux Mink Lashes and you’ll see them used in many of #ievasmakeup

looks. They can really up your makeup game, whether you like it subtle or bold.

Mia Celine Cosmetics

Education is the key to success, and a quick look at Ieva’s Instagram handle @ievas_makeup

you can clearly tell why she’s also a qualified makeup educator. Mia Celine Cosmetics offers a

range of makeup courses based on your interest. The courses are perfect for aspiring makeup

artists or even professionals who’d like to brush up on their skills. And the best part? All

qualifications are awarded by the British Beauty Group.

Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed with how Ieva transformed her passion for makeup into a

successful career and stepped ahead with a cosmetics line launch. Her dedication is truly

aspirational. Head to MIA CELINE COSMETICS to explore on your own. Happy Shopping!

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