Friday, November 4, 2011

Classic Smokey Eye

This look is inspired by Christine of In her tutorial she's used everything mac, but I'm going to do the look using some basic cosmetics that are available in almost all major cities throughout Pakistan. My tutorial is limited to the eye makeup only. You can accompany it with your choice of lips and cheeks. Do try it out and let me know how it came out.

Note: I have not used eye shadow primer, mascara or false lashes. I've only focused on the main look. 

For this look i used:
  •  Luscious Cosmetics HD Mineral Foundation-Shade 2 Medium Beige
  • Kryolan Cake Liner 
  • Etude Color Eye Shadow-WH703
  • Etude Color Eye Shadow-YL867
  • Sweet Touch Kajal Pencil in Black
  • For brushes i used the Luscious Cosmetics Deluxe Diva Brush Set and a regular craft store brush.

Start off with a clean/washed face. Apply your foundation and primer. Now, take en eye brush (i used a regular craft store brush here, but you can use any you like) wet it a little and stroke it on the Kryolan Cake liner. Don't put water directly in the liner because, it'll become all water like then. 

Apply the liner on your eye lid area. Remember not to cover it up entirely as we'll be using another shadow to create the smokey look.Start from the center and then the corner of your eye lid to the outer area. 


The application doesn't have to be perfect. This much of an covered area is good enough.

Use the same brush and pick the etude WH703 (carbon) eye shadow. Tap the brush to get rid of the excess and keep a tissue under your eye to catch the fall outs as you don't want eye shadow on your cheeks.

Start by applying the eye shadow right over the liner. Start from the inner corner of the eye and move outwards.


This is how it should look when you covered the entire area.Take your time while you apply the eye shadow. Don't rush or blend too much.

 Here i used the luscious belonging brush to pick etude YL867 (champagne) eye shadow. Don't pick too much of this color, as we want to keep it secondary.


Start at the inner corner of the eye and blend slightly right at the border of the carbon eye shadow.Gently stroke to blend. Remember, not to overdo it.


 As you blend, you'll see a cloud like texture appear in some time. Don't worry if the champagne eye shadow tends to cover up more of the carbon shadow. We'll fix it in the next step.

Pick some carbon eye shadow using the same craft brush and apply slightly on the edges, as we want black to dominate the look. You will have to work here a bit and create an ark as you blend.

This is how it should look after the blending is done. We have a touch of the champagne shade as well as our beautiful black.

 Wear kajal by starting from the inner corner of the waterline heading to the outer corner. Use the darkest kajal pencil you have.

This is our look after the kajal.

I used the Luscious Cosmetics small shader brush to pick some more carbon eye shadow for a more precised application.

Start by blending the shadow with the ark from the outer corner of the eye all the way towards the inner corner. Apply as close to the water liner as you can. 

And this is our final look. You can apply a bit of silver eye shadow in the center for a bit of shine, but i decided to skip it as i love the darker version.Apply your choice of highlighter for eye brows.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Don't forget to try it out. Enjoy!

Kiran Imtiaz Author

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