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Luscious Cosmetics Twilight Kit-Review, Photos, Swatches


Result: The Luscious Cosmetics Twilight Kit was a block buster hit just like the movie. What added more to its success was the Twilight Contest, that promised its winners a beautiful original Twilight necklace as a prize. And I was one of the lucky winners.

Coming back to the product, the kit is beautifully designed in a sleek black box with a graphic that looks royal and Transylvanian at the same time and contains 8 eye shadows, 4 lip glosses and a face shimmer powder. The eye shadows are highly pigmented, having a silky smooth texture. But only apply using eye shadow applicators, as a brush will pick too much of the product. The colors show off perfectly. The yellow and green are brighter. I can't say the same about the glosses though. I used the glosses once and then never again. In a few words, they're not of an expected quality. The colors don't look good when applied and they'll hardly stay on for half an hour. The face shimmer is an elegant nude pink shade but there's next to no color pay off. It can't be used as a highlighter or a blush because it just isn't as visible. Rest assured, except for the eye shadows and the Twilight hype, the palette is a disappointment.

Luscious Cosmetics Twilight Kit is a limited edition product.

Rating: 2.5/5

Price: PKR 1495/-

Available at: 

Pakistan: Luscious Cosmetics counters across major malls and super stores and



Conclusion: Although the Luscious Twilight Kit was a mega seller and like thousands of other girls out there, i too was very excited about it. But when i tried it out, i was disappointed about the compromise made on the quality of the lip glosses. The bottom line is, the eye shadows are great for all sorts of makeup looks, be it bridal, party or model makeup and the face shimmer is great for all skin types.

Luscious Cosmetics Twilight Kit
Luscious Cosmetics Twilight Kit
Luscious Cosmetics Twilight Kit Eye Shadows
Top: Full Moon, Mortal, Jane, Eclipse
Bottom: Alice, Esme, Venom, Rosalie
Luscious Cosmetics Twilight Kit Swatches
Eclipse, Jane, Mortal, Full Moon
Luscious Cosmetics Twilight Kit Swatches
Rosalie, Venom, Esme, Alice
Luscious Cosmetics Twilight Kit Face Shimmer Bella
Luscious Cosmetics Twilight Kit Lip Glosses
Top: Glow, Emily
Bottom: Fatal, Bitten
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