Friday, September 21, 2012

Hair Chalks- Review, Photos, Results

They so seemed like a good and cheap alternative to streaking or highlights so I gave them a try. But are they worth the time and bucks? Well, my opinion is otherwise. Read on.
I used the blue and yellow one before shooting pictures. Sorry about that.

About a a week ago, I could see hair chalks on almost every Facebook beauty and fashion page. All those pictures of girls with beautifully colored hair and even some demonstration pictures of how this stuff works. Then I moved to YouTube and did a little research on my own. Found out, they are good enough and the results were enough to push me and grab a box.

Ok, so as for my first reaction, they look like board chalks and are quite small, like about 2 inches hardly. The ones I received were totally different than the ones in the promo pictures, but that's not much of an issue.  They lose a lot of color and its hard to get it off your hands with plain water.

Following a YouTube tutorial, I started off by rubbing a chalk on a wet strand of hair and I could see the color within seconds. The more your rub the darker the color but they get really messy when in use. Here's when things get ugly. When the color started to dry out, my hair went from sleek to lifeless. They became so frizzy, that I could not even brush them. What's worse is that the color fades away within an hour of application. Hair will stay in the same condition unless washed thoroughly with shampoo and conditioned. You can curl or straighten hair after application "without" spraying on a heat protectant. If you do, the color will fade away instantly. One box contains 8 chalks in various colors.

Rating: 1/5

Initial result: Red in front and Hot Pink behind.

Price: Varies from Rs 800-1200/-.
Available at: I got mine Elegant Accessories on Facebook. They're available on various other pages as well.

Conclusion: Hair Chalks are a major fail and a BIG NO! for me. I'd rather spend thousands at a reputable salon and get my hair done nicely. Recommended? Do not buy this stuff if you love your hair!
Kiran Imtiaz Author

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  1. thanks for saving my hairs, i was thinking to buy them but now ill consider giving my hairs a dye instead of these things. thanks again for explaining everything in detailed manner <3

  2. You're welcome Javeria..glad I could help :)

  3. I ordered these for my sister. we were tempted by the promo pictures too. Horrible stuff. Lesson learnt

    1. Yup. It's literally like sending money down the drain.