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Freeman bare foot softening foot lotion and shea butter heel and callus balm-Review, Photos

Result: When it comes to foot care. Bare Foot by Freeman is no new name. This time I gave the Heel and Callus Balm a try and decided to do a joint review. So let's roll!

About the Bare Foot Softening Foot Lotion, I have been using it for over an year now and I must say I'm in love with the product. It's a mix of natural ingredients that smells beautifully plum and softens tired feel and soles just like it says on the packaging. I've even noticed an even color right after 1 minute of application and keeps feet soft all day long. It does not only soften feet and add needed moisture, but fights discoloration and with time gets rid of it. This is really a miracle product. I even use it before I slide my feet into heels as it helps comfort them. It can be used in mornings or at night before going to bed. I have never had any issues with the fragrance or allergies at all. The only thing it does, is repair feet condition time over time. The tube contains 150 ml of the product.

Rating: 5/5

 I recently purchased the Bare Foot Heel and Callus Balm, which is another addition to my foot care stuff. It's basically meant to fill and repair cracks and dryness around the heels, which is a major issue for professional ladies, these days. It works the same way as the softening lotion, only it smells a bit different, lighter perhaps. The addition of Shea butter provides extra moisture and helps prevent cracks. The tube contains 150 ml of the product.

Rating: 5/5

Price: Rs. 280/-

Available at: Leading super stores across Pakistan.

Official Website: Freeman Beauty

Conclusion: The only thing that comes to my mind about these 2 products is, they're the solution towards Happy Feet. Recommended? Definitely!

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  1. Hey kiran thanks for sharing dear!

  2. I have always wanted to try freeman products. Might give them a try now. Thanks for the review