Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Brand Review: Purple Patch

I spotted these flats on the Purple Patch Facebook page and instantly decided to order. I've never been very fond of any of their designs before because they were too simple for me, but this one really got me. So here's my experience with the Brand and it's service.

I sent a message on their Facebook page asking for order details. They were quick to reply and said I'd be charged 180/- rupees as delivery charges. I was asked to fill out an order form, which I did but got stuck at the article number thing, as it wasn't present when I returned to the picture. I called at their Karachi office, as I wasn't sure if I should carry on with my order without the article number. I assumed they might send me the wrong shoes. They confirmed nothing like that will happen and that I should proceed. Well, I eventually did and was told I will be informed about my order placement and delivery. Three days passed and I didn't hear from anyone. I eventually asked, and was told I'll get my order by Tuesday (3 days after my complain). I sent a message asking about my order on Wednesday, as it still didn't arrive. Then I was told the order will be delivered on Thursday. Well, came in Thursday and no order. I was really annoyed by this, as I had already informed them about my absence on Friday. I even asked them if this is actually a serious business and if not I should probably cancel my order. I was out of town on Friday and received an sms from the courier company to confirm my location. I had to ask them to keep the order with them till Monday as only then I could have received it. They did so and finally the delivery was made on Monday. I paid through Cash on Delivery. Price: 1950/-

The box was in a bad condition as it was all chipped. I didn't expect that kind of a packaging to be honest, but the shoes were brand new and I loved them. Here' a photo I shot:

Overall, their customer service was friendly and the payment option was ideal. The flats are were great. But I'm still not sure if I'd place more orders online. I'd also consider buying from their store. I hope the review was helpful. *Cheers*
Kiran Imtiaz Author

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