Monday, August 26, 2013

Inexpensive Beauty Tools from Naheed Super Market

I've always found essential beauty tools at Naheed's whenever I go. They don't have the same stuff repeatedly so I always pickup something if it seems of use. These are four that I've bought within this year
and not only are they handy but super affordable as well.

The first is a DIY brush and bowl set, consisting of a plastic bowl, measuring spoons, a mask brush and a spatula for applying peel offs etc. This little helper is a life savor as I don't have to use my hands for any mask application now. The flat bristled brush evenly applies the mask on all corners of the skin and the spatula does a good job with peel off masks (no more goopy finger tips). I believe this one is a must have for all ladies out there. I got this for Rs. 180/-

The second is a synthetic bristled powder brush which is super soft and I've used it to apply blush and setting powder. It was a massive bargain for only Rs. 200/-

The third is a foot brush, which is a good alternate to expensive pedicure tools, if you just want to remove dead skin off and exfoliate the feet. Got this for Rs. 90/-

The last one is a super large dusting/grooming brush which is shedding like an animal at the moment. I hope I can use it to dust away fallout off my neck and chin area after it stops to shed completely. Got this for Rs. 250/- but wouldn't recommend it at the moment.

These were all on display in the hair/skincare section, on the first floor. Things come and go, so make sure you checkout that area. I hope the post was useful. xoxo...
Kiran Imtiaz Author

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  1. The DIY brush n bowl set looks very appealing and the price isn't bad either
    Amna's Blog

  2. I'll have to find that bowl set. It looks tempting and is undoubtedly very useful