Friday, November 29, 2013

How to write a Beauty Blog

Love Makeup? 

Are you a makeup artist or just a talented individual who thinks she knows makeup really well? Then I'm sure, you're also well aware of the beauty blog craze these days. But as a matter of fact, not everyone can be a beauty blogger. One needs comprehensive makeup knowledge and the strive to work regularly, in order to be a successful beauty blogger. And if you think you have the potential, but just don't know where to begin, here's your guide to starting your very own beauty blog.

A Good Beauty Blogger Should 

1) Have profound knowledge of cosmetics and fashion.
2) Explain things in a way that, allows readers to easily understand what is being communicated.
3) Provide honest reviews of the products, no matter what brand or company.
5) Take proper photos whether they're for a product review or other posts.
4) Update blog on a regular basis.

What to work on?  

1) Keep track of latest happenings, events and shows in the cosmetic industry.
2) Purchase cosmetics and other beauty products to cite personal reviews.
3) Provide makeup related information that is helpful to the readers.
4) Post image as well as video tutorials.
5) Provide detailed information on different aspects of cosmetics. For example, formulation, coverage, longevity etc.
6) Answer questions and recommend products if asked.

 Do it step by step

1) Find a template that reflects the blog of your dreams.
2) Customize it and play with it until you are satisfied with its appearance.
3) Add gadgets and widgets where necessary.
4) Add/Edit pages and don't forget to put up a disclosure policy.
5) Prepare your first post with written content and pictures.
6) When you're ready hit publish! 

Tools/Equipment you'll need

1) A camera, at least 8 mega pixels and up. 
2) A setup, if you can manage to have one with proper lighting and background.
3) A relevant blog template. You can find some neat templates at: ipietoon, shabby blogs, lovely templates

What else can you do?

1) Run contests and giveaways.
2) Guest Blogging
3) Share hauls and offer advice. 
4) And of course, don't forget to promote your blog.

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