Friday, November 22, 2013

Huge Collective Haul from Naheeds (Tony & Guy + Some Chocolate)

I stopped by at Naheed's today and bought a whole lot of stuff for dry winters (as if we have any winters in Sindh? Sigh...) plus a few more months and I also wanted to try out some new products. So here's my list.

1) Off white Bathrobe with yellow trimming Rs. 750/-
2) Organic Home Combed Cotton Face Towel 4 PK Rs. 595/- each
3) Suave Firming Body Lotion Rs. 375/-
4) Head & Shoulders (Ocean Lift, Smooth & Silky, Sensitive Scalp Care) Rs. 575/-
5) Tony & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo Rs. 1100/-
6) Tony & Guy Firm Hold Hair Spray Rs. 950/-
7) Shark Clips Pack of 6 Rs. 150/-
8) Maggie Hair Brush Rs. 210/-
9) Colgate 360 Degree Tooth Brushes Rs. 105/- each
10) Prodent Tooth Paste Rs. 92/- and Protect Whitening Tooth Paste Rs. 80/-
11) Cool & Cool Travel Wipes Rs. 105/-
12) Eye Lash Curler Rs. 110/-
13) Tea Light Candles Rs. 90/-

anddddddddddd I just couldn't resist these amazing chocolates.

14) Truffino Limited Edition White Chocolate Rs. 510/-
15) Valor Dark Chocolate with Orange Rs. 240/-
16) Valor Milk Chocolate with Hazel Nuts Rs. 350/-

and since I'm kind of getting interested in cooking these days, I also bought a cook book.

17) Chef Kokab's My All-Time Favorite Recipes Rs. 400/-

That's it for now. Enjoy! xoxo...

Kiran Imtiaz Author

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  1. Wow so this was the hail for which u wanted naheedz timing, very well nice n useful products.

    1. Yes, I wanted to get all that's on my list in one go. Thank you Huda :)

  2. wish we also can have chilly winters in karachi .... i like shopping at naheed.... they do have rangeee of products and varieties..

  3. The dark chocolate is the best! They have this chili one thats really good. :)

  4. Nice haul there!