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3 Cool Canadian Road Trips for This Fall

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Fall may perhaps be the best season to spend in Canada. From breathtaking vistas to rich colors emerging in the foliage, there is so much to experience. This fall, take time to explore the stunning natural beauty Canada has to offer. What better way to explore than on a road trip?

The ultimate Canadian road trip experience is, of course, the entire Trans-Canada Highway, which allows you to travel through all ten provinces of Canada via the world’s longest national highway. This massive undertaking would take you just under a month to complete, however, we don’t all have that kind of time to spend exploring the country. For those of us looking for the best day trip or weekend getaway adventure, here are a few of the coolest Canadian road trips.

Coastal Drives

Prince Edward Island (PEI) offers some incredible fall views, but the best part of visiting this island is getting there. Coming from the mainland to this petite island begins by crossing the Confederation Bridge, a 12.9 km-long structure which holds the title of the longest bridge in Canada. It is also the largest bridge over ice-covered water in the entire world.

As you enter PEI and embark on one of their coastal drives, you’ll soon see that the long (and potentially terrifying) ride in was worth the trip. There truly is so much to do in Canada’s smallest province. From taking in the foliage to grabbing a bite at their fall food festival, there is something for everyone. PEI has a variety of routes you can take for your road trip, but they are all equally as breathtaking. As their website explains, “There is no wrong turn on the Island. Each road just leads to a new adventure.”

Icefields Parkway

 A 3-5 hour drive from Jasper to Banff, the Icefields Parkway in Alberta is an awesome journey to take any time of year, but especially in the fall because of the bright foliage against the mountains, which are covered in snow all year long!

During months like October, you’ll experience a bit more seclusion, giving you that open-road feeling. Many say this stretch of road is the most incredible they’ve ever driven, but you’ll have to see for yourself. From the mountains to the waterfalls to the wildlife you’ll observe along the way, this is truly an unforgettable experience. If you live in Calgary or are looking at Calgary homes for sale, this is an easy weekend excursion for you and your loved ones!

The Sea to Sky Highway

The journey from downtown Vancouver to Whistler (Highway 99) is known as the “Sea to Sky Highway.” The highway not only includes breathtaking views, but the route itself is considered a piece of history, celebrating the Indigenous history of the area. This road trip can be done in a day, but do not rush through it. There is so much to see and do, and every minute of the stunning drive deserves to be savored. Pack a lunch and pull over at one of the many parks on the route and enjoy your meal amidst the foliage as it changes color for the season.


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