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Glamorous Face Nail Shades G 32 & G 52: Review, Photos, Swatches

Result: My first purchase from Glamorous Face Cosmetics is G52, which is a stunning emerald green shade, with silver glitter specs. It's just been recently, that I have developed an interest for such colors, otherwise I never went beyond baby pink or other pastel shades.

The packaging is just like of Medora nail colors, with a little floral print on the front. There was nothing regarding ingredients or any other detail on the back, except for a bar code and "shake well before use" instruction. The top twists open nicely and holds the same brush that comes in Medora polishes. As for the texture, I really did like it, as it applied easily without any smudges or clumps. The formulation is light and creamy, so that's a plus, as I hate nail polishes that feel heavy on the nails. The color pay off is good with one stroke, which is impressive and it dries within 30 seconds. It smells like every other nail polish in the world. I don't know, why did I even try smelling it. I'm wearing it now and it still has not chipped off or lost color, so I suppose it will last a good 2-3 days if not more. I had to be careful when removing it the first time with a nail polish remover, as it tends to lose color on the fingers. That's the only drawback I've found.
I even applied some Color Studio Professional Crackle Polish (click here for review) to create a simple Independence Day look.

G32 on the other hand, is a Mauve shade with a glossy finish. It applied patchy with the first coat, so I had to reapply to get the result in the photos.I wouldn't say it's not a nice color though, it's a warm dairy milk like color, which is absolutely beautiful and perfect for fall. Like G52, it is light on the nails and I personally like this one more, as it was rather easy to remove.

Rating: 3.5/5

Glamorous Face Nail Shades G 52 in natural day light
Independence Day look with Color Studio Professional Crackle Polish

Glamorous Face Nail Shades G 32

Price: Rs. 70 each/-
Available at: General and Super Stores across Pakistan

Conclusion: For a price tag like that, this stuff is pretty good. I would even purchase them as testers for certain nail colors that I doubt will suit me. Recommended? They're worth a try!
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