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Types of EyeLiners and the perfect type for different skin tones.

Hey guys, today's post is all about, as the title reads "Eyeliners". I'm going to talk about formulations and what go best with different skin types and tones. The ones that I know of are pencils, liquids, cake liners, felt tip liners and the popularity gaining gel eye liners. So lets roll.


  • Best for oily skin,but make sure it's water proof. Otherwise, it will give you panda eyes after you wash your face.
  • Some of them have a plastic like texture when dried, so they won't smudge or bleed off and tend to stay put, even if you have oily lids.
  • They go with all skin tones, but show off better on fairer tones. 
  • Price wise, they range from as low as Rs. 100/- to thousands depending on the brand. Click here for eye liner reviews.


  • Pencils are for you, if you have normal to dry skin. They're great for a smudged effect and smokey eyes as well. 
  • Not for oily skin and they will smudge badly and bleed off within some time if used on oily lids. But if you have to use one anyway, the waterline is the safest place to use it onto. 
  • They show off better on medium skin tones.
  • They can be a real mess at times, as most don't really come off that easily, and you might have to use a tissue or towel to wipe if off completely.
  • Pencils are the cheapest of all eye liners, in terms of price, starting off with a tag of Rs 35/-.  Click here for eye liner reviews.


  •  A cake liner tends to produce a rather sheer look, despite the semi creamy texture, because it requires the brush to be dipped into water first and then pick the product. It can't be smudged and takes around to minute to dry completely. I love super dark liners, and I don't really find that pigmentation when it comes to cake liners. 
  • They're good for both fair and medium skins tones.
  • If it's not water proof, it's not worth the grab. 
  • These are not pricey. Normally you'll find them for Rs 150/- or more.  Click here for eye liner reviews.

Felt Tip:

  • These are good enough, if you have oily skin as they dry pretty quickly and the formulation is sheer liquidy. 
  • Only go for a water proof one, as it will  disappear with a few splashes of water.
  • The worst thing about felt tips, is that they're hard to work with. Getting a smooth application out of these requires patience and you might have to rub all of it off and start over again, even if a slight mistake occurs. 
  • They are not very pigmented and will dry out in about a few months if not used. 
  • Felt tip liners are pretty cheap as well, starting off with a price tag of Rs 50/-  Click here for eye liner reviews.


  • I love gel liners, since I began to use Maybelline Eye Studio, Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, I have become so used to it and wear it every time I'm going out or even to work (Click Here for review). 
  • These go well with all types skin and skin tones.
  • The texture is not only smooth but very fine and highly pigmented. Not to forget, water proof.
  • They're super easy to work with.
  • Unfortunately, gel liner does not come off easily and is expensive. Prices start off from Rs 700/- and more.  Click here for eye liner reviews.
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