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Illamasqua Under Eye Concealer UC 200-Review, Photos, Swatches

Illamasqua Under Eye Concealer UC 200-
Result: Received my very first Illamasqua in the mail yesterday and boy was I happy-until, I opened it to find half of the product melted it's way to the top. That did halt my excitement for some time, but did not stop me from testing the product. So, let's begin with the review.  

The Illamasqua under eye concealer, as stated by the company is "designed to keep dark circles and imperfections firmly under wraps". I would definitely agree to this statement as it did conceal the bit of redness I have under my eyes.

It is packaged in a little black cubic box and what surprised me was how firmly it held on together, as even after melting, the product did not flow out of the container. Opens up in a snap and will easily fit in a purse. It even has a mirror inside, which is a plus point over stick concealers.
The formulation is creamy and I feared it would not stay on my oily skin, but it managed to prove me wrong. This stuff is amazing. I applied some under and over my eye with my finger and it blended in nicely within a few seconds. I don't have dark under eye circles, but it still covered my problem areas with ease. It is fragrance free, which is actually a good thing, as concealers usually smell like foundation. While applying, I felt it was heavy coverage, so one just needs to pick a little bit. It needs to be stored in either the refrigerator or somewhere cool, as it cannot cope with the summers we have.

Since Illamasqua is not available in Pakistan, I had to trust my guts to choose a shade for myself. I went for UC 200, which has a medium golden undertone and fortunately, it goes with my complexion.  The only downside is that, the brand is pretty expensive. The under eye concealer comes with a price tag of £13.00. But all in all, it is totally worth the money. 

Cons: Expensive

Illamasqua Under Eye Concealer is available in 13 shades and each container comprises of 2.5 ml of the product. 

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: AED 84 and £13

Available at:

UAE: Dubai Mall

Pakistan: Pre order through Facebook pages


Conclusion: My first purchase has been an impressive one. I'm definitely looking forward to shop more from the brand. If the price is not much of an issue, look nowhere else and get an Illamasqua. Recommended? Yes.

Illamasqua Under Eye Concealer UC 200
Illamasqua Under Eye Concealer UC 200
I know it looks horrible. Thanks to our scorching heat.
Illamasqua Under Eye Concealer UC 200 swatched
Illamasqua Under Eye Concealer UC 200 applied-Before

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  1. I was thinking about buying this but was not sure about it since i didn't find any reviews. Great pick, it works wonderfully!

  2. Oh mymy it has done greatt job kiran i feel sorry for you :( as your half product are melted due to heat but trust me u have done wonderfull job with it love ya!

  3. We're skin tone twins! I also got this in the shade 200, and it's my new favorite concealer.

  4. Nyc blog. Follwoing you now. Hope you will return the favor :)