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Drop Dead Fashion Accessories

In today's world of rapidly changing fashions, it's not easy to keep 
up with "What's In" every now and then, unless of course you're a fashion creator or a celebrity. And when it comes to accessories, I think that's the most difficult part of shopping. There's tons of variety in everything be it shoes, handbags or jewelry and what to pick and what not is a major question.
Some accessories make their mark for years in the fashion world and some disappear within a limited span of time. The reason being they're not accepted by the audience. But then there's stuff that is "Never" out of fashion and probably never will be. And that's when I pop in. I'm going to share with you some ever lasting fashion accessories which are easy on the pocket and always wearable. Let's get started.


Below are some stunning jewelry pieces. They're always in fashion and can be worn to all sorts of occasions.

Single String Bracelets

These are a must have. Single string bracelets are inexpensive and can be worn anywhere. There's a huge collection out there in billions of colors and designs. You can buy a bunch of them and wear them according to your dress or clothing style.


Chunky Bracelets (I love these)

Chunky bracelets rather have more strings, chain clips,
loops or bigger beads used. I wear them whenever i go
out with friends or to dinner etc. They give you a neat
 fashionable look. And they look great on wide wrists.
They too come in a lot of variety, color and different
price range. But i like the designer ones best.


Silver Bracelets (Elegant and Charming)

In my opinion silver bracelets are the best accessory 
you can wear on a date or romantic dinner. They're                   
so fragile and elegant and they give you a soft beautiful 
look which makes the environment more romantic. 
Plain or if studded with gemstones and a gold undertone, 
they're always beautiful.

Chain Necklaces

 Single string or multi string. Chain necklaces can be worn everyday and anywhere. They give a delicate look and come in different sizes. I think they do a better job than gemstone necklaces and gold chains. They're not very expensive and can be worn in different ways.

 Stud Earrings

Stud earrings go with all sorts of dressing and occasions.  
Unlike chandelier and loop earrings they're lighter and not expensive.
 They come in lots of material types like diamonds,beads and pearls etc. There are lots of colors and designs, so you can make up a little collection and match it with everything in your wardrobe.


There's no issue regarding rings. They're a beautiful piece of jewelry and I think they should be worn everyday. Specially the ones with gemstones because I think they look very sexy and sheen. Hands seem more attractive and that dangle shine somewhat is liked by a lot of people.
Rings basically come in all 5 finger sizes so you can decide in which finger/s you want to wear them. Colors and variety are not an issue either. Prices vary according to quality and material used.

The Watch

Since its emergence watches have only developed to being more stylish, sleek and a favorite fashion accessory. Although to be true, we don't need watches today just to look at the time. We have cell phones, clocks etc. The fact that watches still exist because we're just too fond of them. The watch industry keeps growing and we keep buying. Here are a few styles.

Dress Watch

For ladies who are professionals or have a full time job. I think dress watches give them a more sophisticated and decent look. Brands like Gucci, Movado and Calvin Klein win the race in this competition because I think they produce a range of delicate dress watches which are stunning. But if these brands aren't affordable for you, you can checkout other brands as well or pay a visit to amazon and for great deals.

Strap Watch

Strap watches go well with teenagers. I think they give young girls a funky and stylish look. And since the "Pink Revolution" has taken place, lots of brands are producing beautiful pink strap watches. One fine example is the side picture.
You can wear strap watches to school and even college. They're a nice addition to a nice look. Strap watches come in lots of other categories like sports etc. So you have a lot to choose. They're easy on the pocket as well.


Belts are not really worn very often but you'll see a lot of Hollywood celebrities wear them. There are belts that go with dresses, jeans, skirts and trousers etc. Nowadays belts are worn with kurtis also. And as time has passed belts have changed a lot. From the plain leather to studded and beaded ones can been seen. They're available in prints, nice funky and different sizes for different body types.


I just can't live without shoes. I guess shoes are the only accessory i spend most of my money on. I love stilettos, sandals and pumps. So if you're a shoe lover too then look at which ones i think are here to stay.


Heels are the first choice when we think of prom, a date, a party and lots of other events. They're a symbol of class and beauty and add more attraction to feet. Heels aren't going anywhere for the next 100 years so spend in a good quality pair of sandals or stilettos. Black, gold and silver tones are quite common because they go with all sorts of dresses. But try moving onto colors such as turquoise, darkest of reds and prints.


Flat sandals basically are safer than heels. You don't have to worry about tripping or heel breaking. Flats are gaining popularity in the shoe industry. They're being studded with jewels and rather delicate designs. Flats can be worn with dresses, Kurtis, capris, culottes or other clothing. They come in different types such as formals, casuals and sports etc.


This is one accessory we girls never forget to carry. I sometimes wonder, if there were no handbags what would we carry our stuff in? Lol, but thank God, Handbags exist.
As far as price is concerned, designer ones can burn a hole in your pocket and so, many of us have to settle for the "designer inspired" ones.

Satchel Bag

Satchel bags are large and stylish. They can be carried to work places due to their mass storage capacity and can be carried around casually. I think it's great for professional ladies as they have to carry a lot of documents, their cell phone or pager and other utensils. So satchels work best for them.

Tote Bag

Totes are great for college and university students specially during summers. You can toss everything into one bag and don't have to worry about carrying your stuff in your hands. Hold them by hand or put em on your shoulder, tote bags are a great investment. And since they have a single zipper, you won't have a hard time finding your stuff.

Bucket Bag

If you're not a fan of large handbags then, bucket bags are for you. They're rather small and can carry your cellphone and makeup etc. If you're going to a casual lunch then carry a bucket bag. They're stylish and always useful.

Wristlets and Wallets

A handy and trendy thing to carry when you're out shopping. Wristlets will only carry money, a lip gloss and a cell phone and wallets basically money, check books and credit cards etc. I think ladies are bound to have at least 2 of these because they're very handy. Plus, carrying around a wirstlet is stylish as well.

Evening Bag

I must say they add life to a beautiful evening. Evening bags can be one of the most expensive accessories to shop for, but their elegance and style is no doubt one of the best. The designer ones are breath taking but their are replica ones available in beautiful designs and affordable prices as well. A must carry accessory to a date or prom.

There you go. I hope you enjoyed today's post.

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