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Oily Skin Problems and Remedies

Many beauticians and dermatologists consider
oily skin a blessing because it is the only skin type that prevents the formation of aging lines and wrinkles for a long period of time. Though it is true, but still, I would've been happier if my skin didn't produce so much oil, specially when I don't need it.

Oily skin or oily shine is a major problem for girls with slightly dark or tanned complexions (specially in Asian regions). It tends to create concerns and depressing thoughts of inferiority and not being pretty opposite to people with fair skin tones. Everyday lots of teenage girls and women rush to dermatologists for treatments, medicines and even surgery just to get rid of all that oil. Some treatments may work but that's only till they last. And the result is lots of money spent and no control over oily skin or its effects.

I am one of those girls who have been struggling almost all their lives to fight acne and oil with creams, treatments and remedies. So today, I'm going to share with you, what I do to keep my skin relaxed and oil free. What worked for me and what didn't. Besides that some product recommendations and tips.
I'm not a dermatologist but I have learned a lot about my skin throughout all this time. I hope i can help you out with my experience.

Few things to keep in mind:        
  • Information is based on my skin type only.
  • Tips and recommendations are for girls and women who have the same or close skin tone as mine.
  • Some products mentioned below are subject to availability.

My Skin Stats

  • Type: Very Oily.
  • Complexion: Medium
  • Tans easily: Yes
  • Acne Prone: Yes
  • Open Pores: Yes

Products that work for me

  •  Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth)

This mineral is widely used in Asian countries to improve complexion and get rid of acne. It is highly effective on oily skin and I recommend it to all ladies who suffer from acne. It's not expensive at all and has no side effects. Just mix it with a little amount of water to form a thick paste and apply all over face. Let dry completely and wash off with water. The result is beautiful, glowing skin. I use it weekly, before I go for a shower.

  • Calamine Mask  

This was prescribed by my dermatologist as well, but calamine is widely used in general too. Its basically a very light pink powder which you mix with water and apply. For me it cured my acne and lightened my complexion. Its texture when dried is like fuller's earth. I used it 2 times everyday in morning and evening. Its very good for oily and acne prone skin.
  • Clinique Clarifying Lotion         

One of the best products I have ever used. Clinique products nowadays are quite expensive in Asia and not very easily available. But I have used the clarifying lotion for oily skin and yes, it did help remove acne and bring out a brighter complexion and healthier looking skin.
  • Noni Juice         

Noni is a fruit with a soury taste. This product was also a prescription by my dermatologist but it can be used in general. It's very good for improving skin texture, nails and hair. It is a bit expensive throughout Asia but it works wonders. I had to take 2 doses, one in morning and one at night before meals.
  • Cucumber Products

My skin seems to love cucumber. Everything I've used that has cucumber extracts has always impressed me. One I used earlier was a 3 minute mask by the Boots Company. I used it once a week. It removes excess oil and really softens the skin. A very good product. I have also used exfoliating scrub, moisturizer and gentle cleanser by this company.

Products that don't work for me

  •  Rose Water

Rose water is a very good toner and wisely used, but somehow, it didn't suit my skin at all. In fact, if I applied it with cotton or mixed it with a mask, it darkened my skin. I don't why that happened but because of this I stopped using rose water. But I wouldn't say its bad for other girls with oily skin.
  • Citrus Fruit Products         

I've had a share of bad days with citrus fruit products as well. Be it orange, grape fruit or any other citrus extract, it just doesn't suit my skin. It darkens. I even tried grinded orange powder which my mother asked me to use. I had to mix it with water and apply on my face but the result wasn't what I expected. So citrus products are a no no for me.
  • Sun Block or Sunscreen

Sunblock is recommended by every skin expert, dermatologist, beautician etc, but it doesn't go well with my skin. I've used some of the top brands but in vain. All that happens is that, it turns all weird and yellow and melts off my skin. So I guess the best way for me to protect my skin from the sun is to not step out a lot in sunlight.
  • Fairness Creams

Oh boy, I must have used more than 10 fairness creams throughout my life. Today I feel surprised and funny when I think how provoking those commercials on t.v are and I was stupid enough to believe them. Some fairness creams gave me a matte look but that like stayed for less than 15 minutes. Some darkened my skin tone instead and others just didn't do anything. Be it a local or a top brand. I've had it with fairness creams for good.

What else have I used?

Well countless face washes perhaps, like Neutrogena acne wash and deep clean, Ponds perfect matte, Himalaya herbals, Clean n Clear and a lot more. Cleansing astringents from companies like Noxzema. And more products I don't even remember names of. Lol. Well, all this stuff is good quality and from reputed companies but I had to let go because the results varied with constant use.


  • Drink lots of water. It really helps keep skin well hydrated and glowing. I drink 8-10 glasses per day.
  • Use a good astringent to wipe off dirt and impurities that can clog pores.
  • Pat dry your face with a soft tissue instead of a towel. This helps prevent acne.
  • Don't always look for oil stripping products. Use a good oil free moisturizer.
  • Don't wear makeup when its not necessary.
  • Don't go to bed with your makeup on. Always remove makeup.

There's More

As long as my list seems, there are still a lot of products out there that I haven't tried. And I doubt I ever will. After writing the above content I was actually surprised to read what I have used on my skin over all these years.
O.k so here are some products I have seen on t.v or read about at places which have mixed reviews.

Proactiv Acne Solution

Celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Williams and Jennifer love Hewit have used this stuff. I saw the commercial on t.v and thought of doing a little research, after which I found mixed reviews on it.
Clearasil Ultra

Clearasil is quite famous among other acne treatment solutions.

Is Tea Tree Oil the Next Big Thing?

I've heard a lot about tea tree oil and its benefits. I can see that a lot of brands are using it in their products. I came across tea tree extracts when I bought Freeman's Foot Lotion which contained tea tree extracts. I've also heard its very good for oily skin. The Body Shop has a tea tree face wash in their line of tea tree products, which I have tried, but I didn't find it to be anything special.

Moving onto Makeup

Shopping for oil free makeup is a hard task. Because a lot of stuff doesn't do what it says on the packaging. But, here are a few things that I keep in mind when shopping for makeup.
  • Foundation: It has to be oil free and should produce a matte finish. 
  • Use powder for touch ups. But avoid using frequently as it can make the skin look cakey.
  • Use a water shine lip gloss or lipstick.
  • Use a light to medium coverage blusher.
  • Avoid applying cream eye liner.

That's about it. I hope I was able to help you somewhere.


Kiran Imtiaz Author

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  1. Such a great tips, informative. I have oily skin and I use toners and an oil control face wash but it only reduces the oil for a few hours.

  2. Thank you Sidrah :) Try using fuller's earth or calamine mask. They'r wonderful for oily skin and control oil for longer times.