Thursday, June 28, 2012

Haul- Khussa, Long Boots and Bangles

The post title says it all. Today's haul is going to be my weirdest as of yet. I was out for some shopping in Karachi and ended up buying 2 pairs of contrasting footwear. But I'm happy with both of them. Let's roll.

 I can't even remember the last time I wore a Khussa. It's been more than a decade perhaps. For those who don't know, the Khussa is part of  traditional footwear belonging mainly to the Sindh culture. My mom so loves these and she spotted an old shop that sold them. She bought a beautiful embroidered pair and since I liked it, I bought a pair for myself as well.

This one's in a silver tone with thread and bead work all over. The great thing about a Khussa is that you don't have to worry about right and left. The sole is thin though, so people who not are comfortable with thin soles may not like these. There were several designs and colors out there, one for every occasion I guess. I bought these from Fancy Nagra Footwear, at Tariq Road for Pkr 750/-.

This is my first pair of long boots. I've always wanted them but could not find them around. Plus, a lot of people say, these shoes are meant to be worn in winters only. I don't buy that. People can wear strappy sandals in chilled weather so why not boots in summers? Oh well, that's a long debate perhaps. 

Anyway, I kind of liked them in the shelf and was reluctant to try them on, but I eventually did. The heel is round 2.5 inches and sole is soft and coushiony. I loved how it felt after putting these on. I was looking for knee length but these are just a few inches below the knees. That's ok as well, as long as they look good on me. There's a decorative strap at the ankle, I like that, and a velvety decor patch at the back with stick-ons. I think I'll really enjoy wearing these. There were no other colors available. Bought them from Hilton Shoes, at Tariq Road for Pkr 3550/-

And finally I bought this set of bangles encrusted with zircons. I don't like glass bangles or even traditional cuffs but these looked so beautiful in all that lighting and will go perfectly with my outfit for a special event. These were also available in a dull gold tone. The finishing is excellent and I've not seen them on Facebook =p. Bought them from New Select Imitation Jewelers, Tariq Center at Tariq Road for Pkr 3000/-.

Hope you enjoyed the haul. *Cheers*

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