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Rivaj UK Fashion Fit Nail Color 111 & 113-Review, Photos, Swatches

Result: Two more from the Fashion Fit collection. I don't understand the compromise Rivaj has made with quality when it comes to this range. The colors seem pretty opaque from the outside but on application they were very sheer, not what I expected.The 111, is a warm pink and 113 is a warm beige.
The packaging is nice. The bottle is glass and the top is hard plastic. Pretty plain and simple. The texture is smooth and they don't smudge and feel light on the nails. The collection has lots of colors from very darks to pales. The formulation is creamy with a hint of gloss. They smell bad. It's that usual nail polish smell. Stay on for 2-3 days. The bottle comprises of 1 ml of the product. More of a sample size. I actually am happy about this, as it will run out after 10 applications. That way the product will not go to waste if not used for a long time. It takes a few good strokes to get some color. 111 is nothing like what it seems from the outside. I have worn this shade by other many other brands and this is not the result it should show. 113 does not feel like nail polish when applied. It rather feels like a yellowish layer on the nails. It's a total disappointment. I had no problems removing with a nail polish remover.

Cons: Very sheer colors

Rivaj UK Fashion Fit Nail Color comes in various shades and each bottle contains 1 ml of product.

Rating: 2/5

Price: Rs. 45/-

Available: This brand is not available in the UAE.

Pakistan: Available at some leading general stores around Pakistan.

Official Website: Rivaj UK.com

Conclusion: They're no good as compared to the Rivaj UK Color Fusion Nail Enamel (Click here for review). Recommended? No.

Rivaj UK Fashion Fit Nail Color 111


Rivaj UK Fashion Fit Nail Color 113


Size compared to Rivaj UK Color Fusion Nail Enamel

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  1. Oh, that shade looks ugly. Glad it wasnt too expensive and u didnt end up wasting ur money