Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tutorial-Ombre Style Nails

I love experimenting with nail polish. I've done it a lot of times, messed up and ultimately came up with what I wanted. So today's post is about a tutorial on Ombre style nail art. It's very simple to do and if you want to know how, then read on.

For this look I have used:

Rivaj UK Color Fusion Nail Enamel Number 20 (Click here for review)
Etude Power Lasting Nail color in BR 301

Left: Rivaj UK Color Fusion Nail. More of an Electric Blue Color 
Right: Etude Power Lasting Nail Color is the basic Off White 

This is what turns out after mixing both colors.
The idea was to mix two contrasting colors to build a new shade. And that's what just happened, when I mixed the two. The result is an absolutely beautiful greyish blue, which I have not seen otherwise. And to do this, start off with clean dry nails.
Drop some blue near the cuticle area.
Then drop some off white beside the blue and start stroking the brush. Make sure you stroke in one direction. If you go back and forth, it'll smudge the polishes and ruin the look.
And Voila! For a more intense look, use more blue and for a more subtle feel, use more of the off white. You can experiment with many colors. Be as creative as you like.

Tip: Use nail colors that are of a light texture. I do not prefer etude for this look, but since I had no other option, I had to use the one you see above. Etude is just too creamy and is hard to work with. 

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Kiran Imtiaz Author

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