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Summer Trends

Fashionable Summer Outfits, Accessories and lots more...

Summers are on the rocks and boy am I melting! 
In Asia we have some of the worse summer days anybody can come across. People end up in hospitals due to dehydration and other heat related issues. And lack of electricity and other resources makes it worse. But lets not forget that summers keep us out of our beds and active at work.

So this is basically a mini summer shopping guide. Enjoy!

Apparel, Accessories and Shoes

a) Fabric: Take good care when choosing fabric. Some people are allergic to certain fabric types (example, a lot of people cannot wear Georgette during mid summers), so make sure you choose the right fabric.
Suggestions: Lawn, Cotton, Nylon, Chiffon.

b) Colors and Prints: Vector, polka dots and floral prints with neutral or bright shades are a treat for the eyes and bring compliments.
Suggestions: Beige, pastel shades, pale reds and purples, baby pinks and blues, light greens, turquoise and aquas, well you get the idea.

c) Accessories: A funky belt, handbag or beaded or dangly jewelry is a good add on.

d) Carry a bag according to your needs. Such as, large ones at work, mid sized for college or university and a tote or casual bag for everyday use.

e) For shoes, I'll suggest cool and bright printed flip flops or flat pumps and sandals, go for heels at night.

Top to Bottom Talk

Choose tops with nice bright colors and prints inspired by flowers, sea and retro stuff. If you stitch your own clothing you can decorate it with lace trimmings, satin ribbons and appliques. If you're a shopper, then look for your favorite color tones, try them out and choose the ones that fit you best ( should not be tight at all).
For bottoms, jeans are the ultimate summer wear. Opt in for capris and culottes as well.
If you live in a country with extremely hot temperatures then avoid black clothing. As the color black tends to absorb a lot of heat very quickly, you will feel uncomfortable.

The Perfect Match

Dressing yourself up in just one color is not a match. A contrast can make a perfect look, you only need to choose the RIGHT stuff. Doesn't matter if your shoes are not the same color as your top. If they look good in contrast, wear them.
You can pair heels with foot length bottoms as well as shorts. But flats go well with shorts too.

Bangle Dangle

Summer bangles are your must have accessory. They come on cool flashy colors and are so fun to wear with a nice girly outfit. They come in various shapes and sizes as well. You can wear 2 big ones at a time or many narrow ones. They also come in different material types like plastic, wooden and acrylic material. And they come in millions of colors and designs so it's almost impossible that you don't find something that matches that dress.

Summer Sandals

It's all about flats during summers. They 're easy on the feet, trendy and since they're all open, your feet can breath easy. Flats are much more comfortable than heels and specially in day time when you have to run around mostly, flats are a great support for your feet. And they're a decent wear too.
Whether you're off to college or going shopping slide your feet into flats your on. They're relaxing and you will find them to be a better alternative to heels specially during those hot scorching summer days.

Skincare, Hair and Makeup

a) Keep your skin clean. Try to get your facials and massages done on time, wear a sun block if it suits your skin, drink lots of water and try to use cucumber for exfoliation and skin freshness.

b) Makeup: Day or night, keep it light. It's summer season after all.

c) Nails: For me, a cleanly done French manicure is the best way to showcase nails during summers. But I'm also a fan of nail polish.
I'll suggest colors such as nude pink, cream, beige and other neutral shades or you can apply a coat of transparent nail shine and skip the color. That looks neat as well.

d) Hair: Tie em up in a pony tail or braid/s.

e) Always carry oil free cleansing pads. They remove excess oil from the skin and are always handy.

A few things to keep in mind

Animal Prints

They're always in Fashion but one should be careful while choosing animal prints because they may not be suitable for all body types.

Smell Good

Wearing a deodorant is one of the most important things to remember during summer times. Imagine you have to make it to that important meeting and it's dreadfully hot outside. A strong deo will save you from making a bad impression.

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