Monday, July 2, 2012

Jewelry Haul-Adore, Splash, Glory Girls

I recently went to The Emerald (Clifton) and spotted one of my favorite jewelry brands there. I ended up buying lots of beautiful casual jewelry that I'll be sharing with you guys today.

So as I enter, I headed to the first shop which was Lifestyle. It's a well known retail store in the Gulf and has recently launched in Pakistan. They are the main distributors for Adore in the Gulf.  Here's what I shopped.

Splash-Dual chain gold toned bracelet with spiky charms for Pkr 595/-
Adore-Multi chain bracelet with ball charms for Pkr 587/-
Adore-Multi chain bracelet for Pkr 587/-
Adore-Heart chain bracelet with star and bow charms for Pkr 587/-
Adore-Multi chain earrings for Pkr 486/-
Adore-Gold hoop earrings for Pkr 486/-
Adore-Signature collection earrings for Pkr 992/-
Adore-Dual toned rings set for Pkr 992/-
Adore-Large ring with gemstone and zircons for Pkr 992/-
And finally I bought a compact vanity mirror for Pkr 1009/-

Here's an inside view.
That's it for my shopping from the Emerald. It was my first visit there and I had a wonderful experience. It's perhaps your perfect spot for casual shopping. There are many other stores I didn't get a chance to go to, but hopefully next time. 

Note: The prices quoted above are all Sale prices. They were all discounted within 10-30%.

Next, at Tariq Road I bought some formal jewelry from Glory Girls. They have a lot of stuff that we usually see on Facebook. The jewelry is imported mainly from Hong Kong and is excellent quality. Here are my picks:

Zircon earrings with Ruby center for Pkr 1180/-

A sea green domed glass stone ring for Pkr  690/-
A royal blue cocktail ring for Pkr  690/-
I'm done. Hope you enjoyed today's haul. *Cheers*

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  1. great! i wonder why is vanity mirror so expensive? what is so special about it i mean :P

    loved the tariq road wali rings!

  2. The quality =p I bought one for Pkr 250 and it broke within a few days. This one is kind of like the professional ones and looks glamorous too :D